Trade Show Survival Kit: Must-Have Items for a Seamless Setup

trade-show-survival-kitExhibiting at a trade show already takes complex planning, but when you add in the logistical details, the stress can be daunting for plenty of business owners. 

Thankfully, logistical providers have a resource for exhibitors that can set them up for a seamless event experience: the trade show survival kit. These kits contain a combination of resources and instructions, such as bills of lading and guides for service contractors, that iron out the folds and ultimately prevent delays from arising. At Pyramid Logistics, we’ve been handling advance warehousing and direct-to-show shipping for the past 25 years, and our trade show survival kit has been a core element to our success.

Learn more about the role and benefits of a trade show survival kit, and request a consultation on our website if you require logistical support for a future event.


What is a Trade Show Survival Kit?

Participating in a trade show can be an exciting, albeit stressful endeavor. Between making sure your booth and materials arrive on time, unloading your items, and ensuring you’re compliant with the contractor’s instructions, you may not know where to start – which is where a trade show survival kit comes into play. 

In short, a survival kit contains everything you need – from tools to informational materials – to ensure your exhibit sees minimal confusion or delays. At Pyramid Logistics, this includes a combination of supplies, shipping information, and instructions that are personalized to your specifications.


Pyramid Logistics’ Trade Show Survival Kit

Pyramid Logistics offers an industry-exclusive trade show survival kit that simplifies your exhibit transportation and setup, from A to Z. You’ll gain access to a handful of resources, including pre-printed bills of lading, exhibit shipment control forms, and color-coded shipping labels that prominently display your shipping details to prevent any mistakes during the delivery process. 

Personalized according to your specifications, our trade show survival kit includes:

  • A 24-hour hotline card
  • Pre-printed bills of lading
  • Exhibit shipment control forms
  • Pre-addressed color-coded shipping labels
  • Sample instructions for service contractors’ short form bill of lading, for reforwarding


Our Trade Show Logistics Services

On top of our convenient trade show survival kits, Pyramid Logistics provides full-service trade show logistic services including advance warehousing and direct-to-event shipping. We’ll coordinate the timely delivery of your kiosks, displays, and any other materials, alongside other services such as debris removal, blanket wrap service, and lift gate delivery. Here’s a full list of logistical items that we’ll take off of your plate during your next trade show:

  • Superior Pad Wrap Services to protect and organize your cargo
  • Security Cages & Containers to eliminate end-of-show product losses
  • Damage-Free Transit thanks to air-ride suspensions and sturdy tie-downs
  • Show Floor Representatives if you require support for move-in and move-out
  • Flexible Shipment Sizes and oversized doors for efficient loading and unloading


Enjoy a Seamless Trade Show Experience with Pyramid Logistics

With the help of a trade show survival kit and the guidance of a trade show logistics provider, your upcoming event is sure to go off without a hitch. However, you’ll need a logistics partner with exhibit experience, custom trucking assets, and deep connections within the trade show world – all of which you’ll gain when you work with Pyramid Logistics. 

Forget DIY logistics and the risks that come along with it. With 25 years of trade show shipping experience, your exhibit, display, and any products you’re promoting are sure to reach the venue on time and without a scratch. From the Electronic Entertainment Expo to Comic-Con and more, we’ve been there, and hold particularly deep connections in Nevada with partners such as the Wynn Las Vegas. 

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.