Experiential Tours

Take your show on the road with an experiential tour.

Pyramid Logistics has been a proud partner in delivering experiential mobile tours for over 25 years. Mobile tours are a cost effective way to directly reach your target audience in an immersive environment you control. We would like to partner with you to deliver a program that can be utilized for demos, presentations, training, medical services, hospitality, retail, command centers, or trade events.

At Pyramid Logistics, we offer our clients professional and reliable logistics support and can handle every aspect of your campaign from design and production through the delivery and logistics of your marketing tour.

Drive Sales.  Increase Brand Awareness.  Improve Relationships. Build Brand Loyalty.

We are uniquely qualified to fulfill your company's needs:

  • Equipment acquisition:  We'll help you choose and secure the right type of vehicle for your tour.
  • Design and fabrication:  We have a network of reliable partners that can turn your mobile dream into a reality.
  • Graphics production and installation:  Our trucks can include full-color graphics, reaching your target audience with multiple stops through the United States.
  • An experienced staff: Our team has decades of experience helping businesses promote their brands with mobile marketing programs.
  • Turnkey logistics:  Relax knowing Pyramid will handle all of the details required to transport your mobile tour throughout the USA or worldwide.
  • Tour staffing:  We can provide staffing to help with your event.
  • Vehicle maintenance: You can rely on us to keep your tour rolling with our staff of in house mechanics.
  • Fair pricing: We will work with you to create a marketing experience that is cost- effective for your unique business needs.

Storing your valuable items safely requires preparation. With the right steps in place, you can ensure each product is carefully tracked and protected.

To help you organize these steps, we’ve created a checklist to help your business to plan properly.

    Free Warehousing Inventory Checklist


    Companies We’ve Worked With

    “Just wanted to thank you for a job well done again this year. You folks are the hub of all Kawi activity on the Tour and we in Consumer Events rely heavily on you to ensure everything is handled on-site and that Kawasaki always looks professional and 1st rate, not only in the eyes of consumers, but also among the people who run the Tour with you. This Tour presented quite the challenge with short timelines and terrible weather, but you all handled these issues with true professionalism and teamwork to successfully complete this project.”

    Pat Harris

    Manager, Consumer Events, Kawasaki Motors America, USA.

    Bring your business

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