Airfreight and Expedited Services

Full-Service Air, Ocean, and Ground Freight Solutions

Getting goods from one place to another is an important job, and at Pyramid Logistics, we take that job seriously. We offer a full range of air, ocean and ground freight services and expedited capabilities both nationally and internationally that are customized specifically for trade shows, events and high value products.

Getting It There Quickly and Safely

It is not enough to be able to ship something across the country or around the world. Many items are time-sensitive – making it critical that they arrive in the shortest amount of time possible.  Pyramid Logistics understands the need for expedited service and offers a specialized, in-house expedited services division.

The Air Freight and Expedited Services Division of Pyramid Logistics is a fully certified Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) and is registered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA),  This department has years of experience in the domestic and international trade show air freight markets.  We expertly handle time-sensitive, oversized, and specialty shipments to every corner of the USA and abroad – getting your important products and displays to you in the shortest time possible.

Our Specialized Service

At Pyramid Logistics, our commitment to providing reliable results and services is unsurpassed.  We offer the following services through our Air Freight and Expedited Services Division:

  • Full-service domestic and international airfreight forwarder – Not everyone can send goods internationally (or even domestically) by air.  To clear customs or handle the shipment of certain goods domestically, your logistics partner must be verified and registered as an airfreight forwarder.  No matter what promises a company makes, if it does not have the proper certification it cannot get your goods to you in an expedited manner. Pyramid Logistics is fully certified and can handle customs regulations no matter where you are traveling.
  • Specialization in tradeshows, events, and high-value products – Pyramid Logistics specializes in getting tradeshow and event displays to their locations quickly and safely, regardless of their size. From small, table-top displays to huge banners and frameworks, we can handle shipment of any type of display unit, with options for expedited shipping when needed.  We provide special packaging to protect delicate items and climate-controlled shipping when needed. For your high-value products, including automobiles, we ship almost anything anywhere in an incredibly short amount of time. 
  • Fast, reliable service – When you need expedited shipping, chances are that it is an emergency. This is not a time when you want to be worried about whether your shipping company can handle the job. You need reliable, fast service that gets your products where they need to be quickly and safely.  That’s what we do.
  • Responsive customer service –  At Pyramid Logistics, we pride ourselves on being extremely responsive to customer needs. We take all customers’ concerns seriously and provide trained professionals to walk you through the shipping process step-by-step, ensuring that potential problems are anticipated and solved so you have a great shipping experience.
  • All carriers licensed, bonded, insured and approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) –  We only use licensed, bonded and insured carriers for those segments of the shipping journey we cannot handle with our own fleet.  If you are shipping internationally, it is crucial to use licensed and bonded shippers if you expect your goods to pass through customs quickly. We only use the very best because we are placing our reputation on the line with every job.
  • Competitive prices – We believe that it is possible to give you great service and rapid shipping at competitive prices.  We always give you the lowest possible price and arrange the most cost-effective shipping method.
  • No size limits – There are no size limits on what we can ship domestically, internationally or as part of an expedited cargo.

Pyramid Logistics is ready to help you with expedited freight all over the world!

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