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Sometimes cargo requires specialized handling. There are many objects that cannot be safely shipped through regular methods because they are too large, too bulky, too oddly-shaped or are simply too delicate to be entrusted to traditional shipping companies.

When this is the case, it is important to have access to specialty shipping that fits your needs and can quickly and safely transport your goods wherever you need them to go.


At Pyramid Logistics, we know that some cargo simply requires different and more specialized handling. Pyramid Logistics solves this problem by providing full-service logistics for high-value, time-sensitive products. We can get anything anywhere with our specialty shipping services and partnerships with other companies and professionals to ensure that your products arrive on time and undamaged.  Our specialty shipping services include:

  • Customized product preparation and packing - Before products are shipped, it is important that they be packaged to withstand the rigors of travel - Depending on the type of product, Pyramid Logistics can supply appropriate protective packaging and padding to ensure that the items ship safely.
  • Remote site pick-up and delivery - We can get your goods from one door to another without any interruption through our remote site pickup and delivery services - We will arrive at your location, package and take your goods and ship them safely to the next location where we will unpack and set them up - This door-to-door service offers you complete freedom from the worries of shipping and gets your items where they need to go.
  • Crating and uncrating - Our efficient delivery drivers and crew will crate your items to be sure they are protected during transit, then uncrate them for you when they arrive.
  • LTL and truckload shipments - Whether you have one item or 500, Pyramid Logistics can provide you with the most cost-effective shipping options available - If you have less than a truckload, we can combine your shipment with others to make transit affordable - If you have a full truckload, we can load and ship your items quickly and at a reasonable rate.
  • Specialized equipment, including air-ride and climate controlled trailers - Our specialized equipment makes it easy to control the temperature of our trucks and trailers so that we can transport your delicate, heat-sensitive items safely - Talk to us about your climate-controlled shipping needs.
  • Inside pickup and delivery - We can offer protected pickup and delivery for your items that will keep them out of the weather and prevent damage.
  • Expedite service - If you need it quickly, we can often arrange for expedited service, no matter how far your items are shipping.
  • Debris removal - After your trade show or convention, we can offer you fast and efficient cleanup, including debris and trash removal and restoration of spaces to their original condition.
  • Warehousing and distribution - Our warehouses, located at strategic points throughout the United States, allow us to safely store your trade show exhibits no matter where your next convention will be held - We can offer convenient and secure storage in between shows so that you will have a safe place to keep your large trade show display units or other items in between conferences.

No matter how fragile the freight, Pyramid Logistics gives it the care and protection it requires.  We can get your fragile or special items wherever you need them to be without sacrificing timeliness.  In order to give you the best service, our company utilizes:

  • Quality Drivers Specially Trained in the Movement of High-Value Electronic Equipment
  • Time-Sensitive Transportation Logistics
  • Direct Delivery to Minimize Handling and Eliminate Potential Damage
  • Tailored Packaging Services to Prevent Claims and Safeguard your Equipment During Transit
  • Custom Engineered Loading and Delivery to Ensure Smooth and Timely Pickup/Delivery
Agent for Mayflower Transit

Pyramid Logistics is an agent for Mayflower Transit. With years of experience and a fleet of new vehicles containing the latest in transportation technology, Mayflower helps Pyramid ensure that all customers receive fast, reliable service – no matter where they travel.

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