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Between designing your trade show booth, booking staff accommodations, and navigating load-in details, it can be easy to overlook the most important aspect – making sure your assets arrive on-time and damage-free. At Pyramid Logistics, we make our full-service trade show transportation of displays, exhibits, and supplies very simple and cost-effective. Our full-service transportation and logistics team are experienced in moving and storing trade show displays. From inbound transportation and storage, we ensure your company’s trade show experience is worry-free.

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Trade Show Survival Kits:

Our kits offer everything you need for a smooth trade show setup. They include color-coded labels, pre-printed bills of lading, instructions for service contractors, control forms, and a 24-hour hotline service.

Security Cages and Containers:

We eliminate end-of-show product losses and protect your important trade show materials by renting or purchasing security containers.

Show Floor Representatives:

We provide on-site support to assist with move-in and move-out, and to handle local union regulations and other regulatory issues.

Superior Pad Wrap Services:

As a complimentary standard service, your assets will be pad wrapped, protected with plywood slip-sheets, and organized with color-coded shipping labels.

Flexible Shipment Sizes:

Our trucks include oversized doors for efficient loading and unloading.

Damage-Free Transit:

Each piece of cargo will be transported smoothly, with our air-ride suspensions and sturdy tie-downs to anchor display units in each truck.

Emergency Services:

If your team comes across an issue, you will be provided with immediate access to shipments.

Storing your valuable items safely requires preparation. With the right steps in place, you can ensure each product is carefully tracked and protected.

To help you organize these steps, we’ve created a checklist to help your business to plan properly.

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