Optimize Your Delivery: Tips for Efficient Trade Show Shipping

trade-show-shippingTrade shows are thrilling opportunities for business owners, but all too often, poor logistical planning spoils the experience. 

From damaged displays to delayed deliveries, plenty can go wrong while transporting your materials to the event – and with a bit of planning alongside a trusted logistical partner, you can ensure a smooth trade show free of bottlenecks and headaches.

Pyramid Logistics handles advance warehousing and direct-to-show shipping for events of all shapes and sizes, from CES to Comic-Con. Logistics are complex, and with all of the moving parts to consider, it can feel overwhelming for business owners attempting to plan out their exhibits. This is the value of a trade show shipping partner; with a guide by your side to take control of those duties, you can finally shift focus to the event at hand. 

Get our tips for efficient trade show shipping, and request a consultation if you require support for an upcoming event.


Plan Out Your Freight Months In Advance

Waiting until the last month before your event is practically inviting delays, panic, and the frustration that follows. 

To minimize potential issues or resolve them promptly, start coordinating with your trade show shipping provider at least two to three months before the event. This gives you ample time to organize details like shipment sizes, delivery timelines, storage, and handling requirements. 

Planning ahead also allows you to secure space for advance warehousing if needed, which helps avoid last-minute shipping bottlenecks. With an early start, even complex multi-stop freight projects can be made simple – but before you arrive at the venue, it’s important to look over your exhibitor’s manual to ensure compliance. 


Closely Review Your Exhibitor’s Manual

Your exhibitor’s manual is your guide throughout the event, outlining critical venue-specific details for move-in and move-out. When you work with a trade show shipping partner like Pyramid Logistics, we handle compliance with standards for shipping labels, delivery dates, materials handling services, and any other requirements related to your freight. 

Following the exhibitor guidelines is crucial, as it prevents avoidable issues such as incorrect labeling, which can stall deliveries. We suggest communicating any requirements with your provider in advance so that inbound shipments align with venue protocols. By reading through the fine print, you’ll protect your shipment while keeping your exhibit on schedule.


Organize Materials Handling & Documentation

When done correctly and ahead of time, materials handling and shipping documentation are a breeze. Delays, however, are imminent given short notice and a lack of expertise. 

For these reasons, exhibitors call on trade show logistics providers to confirm details like unloading times and equipment needs for moving booths into place. Key documents such as packing lists, bills of lading, and inbound or outbound shipping labels are also necessary, all of which are far easier to access through a logistics partner. 

Having your ducks in a row on the materials and information side will do wonders during offloading and loading periods because you’ll be free of delays. However, it starts with choosing the right shipping partner – one that can bear the weight of your trade show logistics, so that you can shift focus to shaking hands and flaunting your products.


Choose the Right Trade Show Shipping Provider

Partnering with the right trade show shipping provider won’t just optimize the entire process. It’ll take logistical duties off of your plate entirely. So, be sure to vet your options for specific expertise in exhibition freight, and knowledge or partnerships with major venues. Take Pyramid Logistics for example, a trade show logistics provider for the past 25 years holding partnerships with major venues, including the Wynn in Las Vegas. 

You may also want a trade show logistics team for pre- and post-show duties, such as storage, setup, teardown, and outbound transportation when the show has wrapped up. With all of these tasks to complete before the show has even started, and after it’s ended, it’s comforting to have a partner in your corner – one that will ensure safe delivery and set you up for trade show success. 


Pyramid Logistics: Your Trade Show Shipping Partners

As a trade show-focused business owner, Pyramid Logistics is that partner. Your booth, display, and any other materials will be in good hands with our 25+ years of trade show shipping experience, spanning some of the world’s most anticipated conventions from CES to Comic-Con. Optimize your delivery for maximum security and escape the stress of event logistics by handing those duties over to us – allowing you to make the most of your trade show experience.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.