Why Exhibit Shipping is Core to Trade Show Success

exhibit-shippingThe success of a trade show isn’t solely based on the beauty of your display, or how many contacts you added to your CRM. In fact, those outcomes are reliant on a certain trade show detail that’s all too often lost on exhibitors: the logistics of your display and materials.

Without a trusted exhibit shipping partner, business owners could risk making errors that result in delays or even damage during delivery. Even worse, exhibitors who stuff their cars with trade show materials may find themselves stuck in traffic, unable to get to their event on time. 

With 25 years of exhibit shipping experience under our belts, Pyramid Logistics has become a go-to partner for trade show exhibitors, especially in the Las Vegas area. After carrying out numerous projects for both small and global brands, we’ve seen how well-planned logistics can streamline the process and make for a more enjoyable trade show experience.

Find out why exhibit shipping is core to the trade show experience, and how logistics providers help exhibitors make the most of their events.


What is Exhibit Shipping?

Exhibit shipping, or trade show shipping, is how exhibitors transport their displays to the event at hand. From tables and chairs to your brand-tailored display board, trade show exhibitors need a logistical partner to deliver their materials to arrive on time and undamaged. 

Since business owners can’t fit all of these items into their cars, they rely on an exhibit shipping partner to transport their materials. Plus, it eliminates the risk of getting caught in traffic on your way to the trade show, which can lead to delays and even outright cancellations.


Why Exhibit Shipping is Key to Trade Show Success

By delivering their trade show items ahead of time, business owners can confirm that everything is ready and set up upon arrival. They don’t need to rush to get there on time or stress over unloading since their exhibit shipping partner takes it all off of their plate. 

Lastly, exhibitors with trusted shipping partners don’t need to haul a trailer behind them between trade shows. This makes it easier to bounce between trade shows safely, and to find parking since you’re not pulling around an oversized trailer. 

At Pyramid Logistics, we offer a range of trade show services that ensure an easy setup, safe delivery, and ultimately relieve you of logistical headaches.


Exhibit Shipping Benefits to Look For

Transporting your trade show materials is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exhibit shipping. Along with safe and prompt delivery, exhibitors need a trade show kit for a smooth setup, security containers to keep their items protected, show floor support to align with certain regulations, and more. 


“Trade show exhibitors tend to forget about a key trade show component: the logistics. They register for an event and plan it all out, only to sort out delivery details at the very last minute. By connecting with an exhibit shipping partner to handle those tedious details, exhibitors can rest easy knowing their items will arrive safely and on time, allowing them to focus on the event at hand.”

  • Rob Dissman, Principal Owner of Pyramid Logistics


Here’s how we set the stage for a successful trade show experience at Pyramid Logistics: 


Trade Show Survival Kits

With our trade show survival kits, you’ll have all you need to set up your trade show display with ease. Each kit includes color-coded labels, instructions for service contractors, pre-printed bills of lading, control forms, and a 24-hour service hotline in case an emergency arises.


Security Cages & Containers

Our security cages and containers are available for rent or purchase, helping to mitigate end-of-show product losses while keeping your materials safe and sound.


Show Floor Support

If you require support for move-in, move-out, or abiding by local union regulations, we’ll provide showroom representatives to lend a hand and clear any confusion you may have.


Complimentary Pad-Wrapping

We’ll wrap your items with protective plywood slip sheets so that your items remain in pristine condition while on the road. Your trade show materials will also be organized with color-coded shipping labels for quicker loading and unloading. 


Safe & Secure Transit

Along with complimentary pad-wrapping, each of our trucks features air-ride suspensions and durable tie-downs so that your materials see minimal movement during transport. By anchoring your display and keeping it in place, materials are effectively protected against more turbulent roads.


Avoid Logistical Stress with an Exhibit Shipping Partner

As a business owner, DIY-ing your trade show logistics could result in damage and delays that thwart the entire experience. Rather than risking an error or damage upon delivery, lean on an exhibit shipping partner that’s supported countless exhibitors over the past 25 years. Browse our work at the renowned Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for an idea of our trade show expertise.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website