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Specialized Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Full-Service Logistics for Moving & Storing Event Assets
Trusted Solutions for Moving Movie Props, Sets, & Autos
Design, Production, Delivery & Logistics for Mobile Tours
Reliable Support for Multi-Location Rollouts & New Stores
Specialized Handling of Unique, Valuable & Delicate Items
Transport Solutions for Specialized Vehicles & Equipment
Storage, Fulfillment, Distribution & Supply Chain Solutions
Airfreight & Expedited Shipping, Support, & Onsite Handling

See What our Clients Have to Say

“Our company trusted Pyramid Logistics with over seven million dollars worth of picture cars, and we were thrilled with the results.  Their professionalism and reliability led to that success…Pyramid Logistics has been on time and on budget with their projects for our company.  I recommend them without hesitation.” Jim Colarossi - Sony Transportation, Sony Pictures Entertainment
“Pyramid continues to be one of the most dependable and reliable vendors working with a very disparate client base from many different departments here at Asics and at all times we hear very positive feedback and while many things can go wrong due to the nature of our unique marketing and sales activities, Pyramid employs great problem solving skills to get the job done in a timely manner.” Kevin G. Wulff - President and CEO, ASICS America Corporation
“Your team through all of our last minute plans, venue and time changes have been nothing but happy to get our stuff where it needed to be when it needed to be there. Eric never had anything but a smile on his face. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with your team. Pyramid has again proven themselves to be the most reliable and friendly partner we have. THANK YOU for building the team you have and making them available to Fox.“ Scott Hatton - Retail Marketing Manager, Fox Racing / Fox Head Inc.
“Just wanted to thank you for a job well done again this year. You folks are the hub of all Kawi activity on the Tour and we in Consumer Events rely heavily on you to ensure everything is handled on-site and that Kawasaki always looks professional and 1st rate, not only in the eyes of consumers, but also among the people who run the Tour with you. This Tour presented quite the challenge with short timelines and terrible weather, but you all handled these issues with true professionalism and teamwork to successfully complete this project. Pat Harris - Manager, Consumer Events, Kawasaki Motors America, USA