How to Plan a Retail Rollout: Hiring the Right Logistics Company

Wondering how to plan a retail rollout? Amid all the considerations, owners tend to forget about a boring-yet-critical aspect: storage and warehousing.New product rollouts, office remodels, and relocations are stressful endeavors. And at times, it can feel like there are too many tasks to tackle on your own.

Amid all the planning, delivery details, and planogram struggles, you may have missed a crucial aspect: the storage and warehousing of your products or store items. Lights, end caps, product displays, and other items need secure storage while your rollout proceeds, and a trusted logistics partner that can deliver those items safely and on time when needed. 

With over two decades of retail logistics experience under our belts, the team at Pyramid Logistics knows the importance of precise rollout execution. While you focus on selling your products, we’ll handle the storage, warehousing, and delivery once the need arises.

If you’re wondering how to plan a retail rollout, see our considerations, and discover how Pyramid Logistics supports rollout efforts before requesting a quote

How to Plan a Retail Rollout: Considerations

During the beginning stages of your retail rollout, there are a few questions to ask yourself to ensure it all goes as planned:

  • Do any other commitments conflict with your rollout schedule?
  • Or, is your rollout properly synced with its related event or holiday?
  • Are there any spatial, structural, or legal limitations to consider?
  • Do you have a trusted logistics partner for storage and installation?

These hurdles can be cleared through proper planning and by finding a logistics team that can lend a hand. However, there’s one last consideration that plays a big role in any retail rollout. 

Why You Need a Planogram

If you haven’t heard of a planogram, it’s a way of planning and designing your retail store layout. 

It’s a visual merchandising tool that’s centered around how products are best placed and displayed to customers, including point-of-sale locations, to boost sales while limiting wasted space. 

Prior to your retail rollout, be sure to craft an informed planogram to guide your visual merchandising. This involved thorough shopper research and analysis before drawing it up. 

At Pyramid Logistics, we often help clients with retail rollouts or other retail needs such as headquarters relocations. A primary retail service we offer is the storage of retail items, be it light fixtures, end caps, or product displays. Then, when a client wants to start rolling out products, remodel, or relocate a store, we deliver those items as needed. We’ve found that there are fewer snags when clients already have a planogram in place so that once we deliver those items, they’re ready for placement.

Storing Items for Remodels or Relocations

When you search online for “how to plan a retail rollout,” you get a wave of results full of best practices and steps to take. But while these are helpful articles, they fail to answer a lingering question: what about the logistics?

You may have crates of lights and end caps waiting to be installed or product displays that aren’t ready to be rolled out quite yet. So, storage is needed. This is where Pyramid Logistics comes into play. 

Before retailers can install new fixtures, and lights, or roll out new products, they need to store them with a warehouse service provider like Pyramid Logistics. This way, we can deliver those items once the client is ready to launch or install. 

Wondering How to Plan a Retail Rollout? We Can Help.

Is your retail rollout in dire need of storage and warehousing services? Trust your fragile fixtures, lights, end caps, and product displays will be in good hands with Pyramid Logistics, a premier logistics provider for the past 25 years. Visit our website to see how your retail needs will be met by our team.Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, click here, or reach out to our offices for a consultation.