5 Trade Show Freight Must-Haves for Las Vegas Conventions

Does your trade show freight provider offer these must-haves?The trade show scene in Las Vegas is simply unmatched, and with so much competition, it’s important to find a trade show freight partner to smoothen out the delivery and storage process. 

With the logistical headaches off your plate, you can shift focus to the event at hand and make the most of your time on the showroom floor. This is what a premier trade show logistics provider does – make delivery simple and efficient, so that you can ensure a successful exhibit

Over the past two decades, Pyramid Logistics has built a reputation as one of Las Vegas’ preferred trade show freight partners, be it the transportation, delivery, or storage of exhibit materials. Our team can be found at major conventions including CES, helping clients set up their trade show booths, and is a trusted warehousing partner of the Wynn Las Vegas. 

Explore the five core benefits of our trade show services, how we serve Las Vegas clients with warehousing offerings, and why Pyramid Logistics is the logistical authority when it comes to trade shows in Sin City. 

5 Trade Show Freight Must-Haves: Las Vegas Exhibits

Trade show freight is multifaceted. Along with ensuring a smooth ride, items need to be expertly packed, oversized items need accommodating, and support should be provided for loading and unloading. Plenty of logistics providers such as Pyramid Logistics also offer warehouse materials for safe storage, distribution, and fulfillment. 

With these trade show freight must-haves, your upcoming Las Vegas exhibit can go off without a hitch:

Show Floor Support

Items can easily be damaged during move-in or move-out if not handled carefully. To ease this process, you’ll receive on-site support to help with load-in and local trade unions. They can also lend a hand with local union regulations and other regulatory issues.

Safe & Secure Transit

Thanks to air-ride suspensions and sturdy tie-downs in our trucks, your trade show materials, products, and prototypes are guaranteed a smooth ride without a scratch.

Trade Show Survival Kits

As for the more tedious tasks associated with trade shows, such as bills of lading and other documents, Pyramid Logistics takes these off of your plate with Trade Show Survival Kits. From color-coded labels and pre-printed bills of lading to control forms and a 24-hour emergency service, you’ll have everything you need for a smooth display setup. 

Protective Pad-Wrapping

Ensure your items are shielded from harm and properly organized with our standard pad-wrapping service, including color-coded shipping labels to keep everything in order.

Trade Show Warehousing

Lastly, Pyramid Logistics also delivers broader warehousing and logistics services for select partners in Las Vegas, including safe storage, distribution, and fulfillment. 

Transparency is key when it comes to warehousing and storage. Thanks to a network of secure warehouses throughout the country and a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS), you’ll have clear visibility across all of our locations. We can also integrate our platform with your ERP, TMS, or CRM for better visibility if needed.

Since our warehousing service is separate from trade show transportation, it has its own unique set of benefits:

Rack Storage

No matter the size or shape of your goods, we’ll ensure they’re stored in a secure manner.

Product Assembly

Our team will carry out any assembly needed for your cargo.

Inventory Receiving

Ship your items directly to our warehousing facilities from any location of your choosing and nix the need for any additional shipping.

Fully-Secured Alarm System

Find peace of mind knowing that our specialized security system is closely guarding your assets.

Refined Management System

Our warehouse management system allows us to easily track and locate items after storage.

Vendor-Managed Inventory Programs

Your precious cargo will be tracked at all times during storage so that you can locate your assets at a moment’s notice.

Las Vegas’ Preferred Trade Show Freight Providers

Logistics are stressful, and the last thing a trade show exhibitor wants to think about before a long-awaited convention. It should be a simple and cost-effective process for you, while the logistical complexities are left to us, the delivery experts. 

Over the past two decades, Pyramid Logistics has simplified logistics for countless brands and conventions in Las Vegas, including a warehousing and storage partnership with the Wynn Las Vegas. We’ve also helped many clients with trade show transportation and delivery for the Consumer Electronic Show on several occasions. 

“Las Vegas is trade show central, and after 25 years of relationship-building, we’ve become a dependable partner for exhibitors and locations. Our transportation services help exhibitors get their items to Vegas safely and on-time, while our warehouse and storage offerings help partners like the Wynn with storage during trade show events.” – Gene Smith, Sales & Special Projects Manager

Nix Delays with a Trade Show Freight Partner

Looking for a trade show freight service that’ll deliver your exhibit materials in a safe, secure, and prompt manner? Look no further than Pyramid Logistics, a renowned trade show transportation and storage provider for Las Vegas events for the past two decades, as well as a trusted partner of the Wynn Las Vegas. Explore our trade show services to learn more and request a quote.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, click here, or reach out to our offices for a consultation