4 Different Types of Experiential Marketing Mobile Tours

What type of experiential marketing mobile tour could enhance you brand?
There are many different types of experiential marketing mobile tours.

When you think about experiential marketing mobile tours, what comes to mind? Perhaps you were part of an immersive experience campaign for a new video game. Maybe it was an especially memorable display put on by your favorite movie producer that did it for you. Chances are, if we tallied everyone’s answers, they would fall into at least one of four categories. 

Types Of Experiential Marketing Mobile Tours

It’s easy to group all experiential marketing mobile tours together, but the truth is, each type of tour has its own unique set of logistical challenges. Here’s a closer look:

1. Brand Activations

Brand activations cover any type of marketing activity that’s aimed at direct audience engagement. The goal is to build a meaningful connection that not only gets potential customers to remember your brand, but to also associate their positive experience with your brand identity. Brand activations can be tricky from a logistical perspective because of the crowds that are generally around these types of events. Set up needs to be done quickly and efficiently, as where there are crowds, there are also tight deadlines and regulatory requirements.

2. Guerilla Marketing

Perhaps the most interesting type of experiential marketing mobile tour is the guerilla marketing campaign. The whole point of something like this is to take your audience by surprise. So when you are planning the logistical side of things, it’s important to consider using more discrete trailers and other transport vehicles in order to maintain the element of stealth. At least, until the time is right and you can deploy the full experience for unsuspecting participants.

3. In-House Shopping Experiences

Whether we’re talking about pop-up shops, or other retail-related activities, in-house shopping experiences are a fantastic way to both move product and connect with your customers at the same time. Thanks to the product-focused nature of in-house shopping experiences, they can also be a great opportunity to co-brand with other companies or celebrities that may help expand your marketing reach. Logistically, this type of experiential marketing mobile tour can require some additional permitting as well as more stringent storage and warehousing due to the level of security needed to protect retail goods.

4. Product Demonstrations

Last, but not least, on our list of experiential marketing mobile tours is product demonstrations. Think about events such as trade shows or conferences when you’ve got a large group of people who match your ideal audience, all gathered in one place. As a business owner, it’s easy to recognize how valuable something like a product demonstration could be in a setting like that. From the logistical side, we have to think about factors like safety before, during and after the demonstration, as well as the best way to design and transport a trailer that effectively facilitates the live presentation.

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