New Product Rollout? Logistics Considerations For Your Retail Business

For a new product rollout to succeed, the logistics need to be in place.Launching a new product is thrilling. You’ve built something unique, prototyped it, and are ready to see it hit the shelves. But before launching your new product rollout, there’s one more area to settle: the logistics. 

Products need to be transported and delivered on time and damage-free, which can pose some difficulties without a trusted logistics partner. You’ll also need retail logistics tracking to oversee your items throughout movement and storage. 

This is where Pyramid Logistics comes in–to handle the transportation, installation, and tracking of your new product rollout, so you can shift focus to selling. Discover how Pyramid Logistics supports product launches with a mix of white glove care, flexible trucking assets, and more.

New Product Rollout Logistics

From the transportation and delivery of your products to retail logistics tracking, Pyramid Logistics is available as your A-Z retail rollout partner. Find out how we can help and the unique benefits provided to our clientele.

How We Can Help with New Product Rollouts

Pyramid Logistics is a long-trusted partner for new product launches, offering retail logistics tracking and white glove solutions to clear your mind of logistical worries.

Along with carefully transporting and delivering your products, we’ll handle any installations necessary for a successful launch. You focus on selling; we’ll handle the delivery. 

Our clients benefit from our retail services in a few key ways, starting with stress-free white-glove servicing.

White Glove Service & Care

Delivering fragile items can be stressful, and you may worry about whether they’ll be handled with care. In this way, white glove service is your gateway to logistical peace of mind. 

From the handling of your new products to packaging and transportation, our specialists handle every stage with close attention. If you’re transporting products that contain delicate technology or materials and are stressed about damage upon delivery, Pyramid Logistics’ white-glove service will nix those worries.

Flexible Trucking Assets

There’s no need to worry if your items are strangely shaped or large in size. Be it an oversized piece of furniture, a large branded sign, or an office prop that’s difficult to ship, our fleet of trucks can accommodate your needs. To keep items held down, we use sturdy tie-downs complemented by air-ride suspension for a scratch-free delivery.

Debris Removal

Once it’s all said and done, we won’t leave you to clean up our mess. Debris tends to collect throughout transport, delivery, and setup. Leave it to our team to quickly and efficiently clear your space and keep it in top condition.

Plan Your New Product Rollout with Pyramid Logistics

If you’re planning a new product rollout and haven’t sorted out the logistics, consult the transportation experts at Pyramid Logistics. We take the tedious details of transportation and delivery off of our clients’ plates so that you can focus on the real business: selling your products. 

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, click here, or reach out to our offices for a consultation.