Final Mile Delivery for Retailer Mitchell & Ness Pop-Up Shop

With decades of experience, Pyramid Logistics is an expert at final mile delivery. Our final mile service provides you with attentive shipping, delivery, and full set up for your most valuable cargo. This service was helpful in a recent project with retailer Mitchell & Ness.

The retailer needed to relocate products and fixtures from their location to a Fred Segal Pop-up Store in Los Angeles. They called on Pyramid Logistics to get the job done right. Below are our guaranteed services with final mile transportation and how they benefited Mitchell & Ness:

Delivery Anywhere

With an extensive team of skilled drivers, we can deliver your products, props, or specialized items to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Mitchell & Ness needed to get their products to a temporary location, and transportation was no issue at all. Whether temporary or permanent, we will deliver your cargo to wherever your business needs transportation.

Flexible Hours

Our team worked with Mitchell & Ness’s schedule to ensure their cargo made it to its destination at the right time. Pop-up shops are open for a short amount of time, meaning time was crucial to our client. As with all final mile projects, our team will accommodate your business needs – all we need to know is when the delivery must be made. Delivery times are available after-hours and on weekends for our clients.

Debris Removal

During transportation, set up, or delivery, sometimes debris may collect, but that’s no issue for our team of professionals. Mitchell & Ness asked us to deliver and install their fixtures, which included a large wooden display and several hanging fixtures. Once everything was set in its place, we cleaned up the debris fast and efficiently. 

Online Shipment Tracking

We understand that keeping track of cargo is valuable to our clients, especially in time-sensitive situations. As we are on the road transporting your goods, you can stay up to date with all delivery times. Rest assured that we will deliver your products on time, and you can watch it all unfold with our online shipment tracking feature.

White Glove Service

Big or small, if your items are fragile, our team will ensure each piece is handled delicately. Our goal is to ensure your items remain in top condition. The cargo from Mitchell & Ness was secured and transported with care. Because we have company-owned assets, we had the right size truck and trailer for our client’s transportation needs.

Consider Pyramid Logistics

Pyramid Logistics has over 20 years of experience in transportation. Whether your business is introducing new retail products or you need to transport old products to a new location, we will dedicate careful attention to your transported goods. Learn more about transportation and delivery on our final mile service page.


Looking for effective specialty transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage-free, and in conformity with the highest industry standards? Pyramid Logistics utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide your team with the warehousing capabilities of the future. 

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