Top Trucking Industry Trends To Consider

As with any industry, there will be opportunities or improvements within the trucking world that will require businesses to pivot in order to meet new demands or standards. When it comes to your business, making these changes can either hold you back or keep you from moving forward. 

Reflect on the changes going on in the industry and use this information to help you decide whether you need to make adjustments. Changes in transportation via trucking companies may directly impact your ability to provide your offerings to customers or clients.

If your business relies on trucks to transport your products within your supply chain, consider these trucking industry trends to stay on top:

Freight Patterns 

Now more than ever, ecommerce and omnichannel businesses are causing freight patterns to change, forcing fleets to offer last mile delivery. Last mile delivery is a growing service provided by logistics companies for effective delivery service. With alternatives for how quickly products can ship, businesses will try to find the right logistics provider to fit their delivery needs.

Truck Maintenance and Parts

When maintenance needs to be performed on a truck, the primary channel for acquiring parts was through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Now, there is a new development for parts and services caused by the shift into EPA-compliant vehicles. This change has created the need for a second network that offers compliant replacement parts. 

Legislation and Regulations

Pending legislation may be a significant trend to look out for. Requirements for safety on trucks may hinder operations for fleet owners, so keeping up with the latest regulations is necessary. Last year, for example, the FMCSA approved the option to use Stoneridge’s Mirror Eye, which can be used alternatively to regular rear-vision mirrors.

Alternative Fuels

The move for electric vehicles in the trucking industry is coming. Manufacturers are developing ways to scale the capabilities of commercial vehicles into freight trucks. Electric vehicles are likely to be applied on a local scale, since longer travels may be too risky. Electric vehicles also fit into the trend towards businesses becoming more environmentally-friendly.


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