Why Your Business Needs Reliable Final Mile Services

final-mile-servicesFinal mile (first mile or last mile) is the most costly stage of the fulfillment process, amounting to over half of an organization’s total shipping expenses. Naturally, companies are looking to reduce these costs, ushering in the need for final mile services.

Pyramid Logistics has carried out final mile services for product transportation for over 25 years, helping countless clients reduce the costs of that last leg. Our high value product final mile services arm you with attentive shipping, delivery, and set up of your precious cargo alongside a string of benefits for your peace of mind. 

But what is last mile distribution, and how exactly do we help to reduce final mile costs? Learn more – and if you require final mile services, don’t hesitate to request a quote on our website.


What is Last Mile Distribution?

Last mile delivery is the conclusion of a shipment’s journey – the delivery from the distribution center to the destination, be it a home or business. It’s often the most challenging and costly leg of the supply chain since it can run into delays with traffic, parking, security, and overall customer satisfaction. 

To clear these hurdles, many businesses opt for final mile services that keep their deliveries safe, sound, and free of delays. Certain accommodations for final mile services include flexible scheduling and white glove services, among others. And with these shipping perks, companies can reduce delays, the costs associated with them, and most importantly, retain their customers’ loyalty. 


Pyramid Logistics’ Final Mile Services

We’re closing the final mile gap for businesses through a mix of real-time shipment tracking, an asset-owned fleet of trucks, white-glove servicing, and delivery anywhere in the U.S. 

At Pyramid Logistics, our specialty is delicate, high-value cargo such as medical devices, retail fixtures, and large machines that pose risk for breakage. Here’s how our final mile services will keep your delivery on track:

Flexible Scheduling

We’ll always be conscious of your busy schedule. Our team of drivers and shipping specialists can adapt to your needs and deliver your items whenever it best suits your timeline. You can also check delivery times after hours or on weekends, for your convenience.


Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Stay up-to-date with your delivery times from your phone, tablet, or computer while we’re on the road transporting your cargo. 


Asset-Owned Trucks

Pyramid Logistics owns a fleet of trucks for varying needs, from temperature-controlled vehicles to experiential marketing trucks. No matter the shape or size of your delivery, we likely have the right truck for the job. 


White Glove Servicing

Some items require extra care and attention while they’re on the road. For this reason, we offer a white glove service that employs highly trained shipping professionals, ensuring that your fragile cargo is treated with the utmost care. We use pad-wrapping, temperature control, and expert packing techniques to minimize the risk of damage during transit. 


Delivery Without Domestic Limits

We’ll ship your products, props, or high-value cargo to any destination in the U.S. safely and securely, including Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Canada. 


Final Mile Services for Your Specialty Cargo

Is the last mile of your larger, high-value deliveries becoming too costly or unreliable? If so, you may need a new logistics provider that can guarantee the safe and prompt transportation of your delicate goods, be it medical equipment, retail fixtures, or any fragile machine that requires special attention. Consult Pyramid Logistics if your current final mile services are denting your wallet or posing delays.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us or reach out to our offices for a consultation.