Why Trade Show Vendors Need Exhibit Transportation

exhibit-transportationTrade shows are thrilling events for vendors, giving them a chance to meet face-to-face with potential buyers while networking with others in the industry. However, the excitement often blinds exhibitors to a critical part of the trade show preparation process: exhibit transportation

Without sorting out the logistics of your trade show booth, materials, and products, you may run the risk of damaged cargo or delayed delivery. Seeing as both of these outcomes can bring down your trade show experience, it’s important to seek out a trade show logistics partner that can transport your items safely and soundly. 

Pyramid Logistics has been a trade show transportation leader for the past 20 years. With our packing and shipping expertise, combined with our warehouses in Las Vegas – one of the trade show capitals of the world – we’re well-suited to handle any and all of your exhibit transportation needs. 

Find out why exhibit transportation is more important to trade show success than you might think, and request a quote on our website if you have an event on the horizon that requires logistical support.


What is Exhibit Transportation?

Exhibit transportation is an integral service that helps trade show vendors move their exhibit materials from their location to the event’s location. When carried out correctly, it can save exhibitors loads of time, capital, protect their valuable assets, and ultimately enhance the trade show experience. Here’s how:


Exhibit Transportation Saves Time & Capital

Attending an out-of-town trade show can be costly, time-consuming, and frankly stressful if you take the DIY route. 

You need a truck to transport your display. You need to drive or fly your items long distances, pay for gas, tolls, and parking, and deal with chaotic traffic conditions. These are all inconveniences that can be cleared with a logistics partner that offers exhibit transportation

Rather than wasting time loading, transporting, and unloading your materials, a logistics provider like Pyramid Logistics can handle all of these for you, as well as the setup and tear down of your booth. This allows you to focus on the event with logistical peace of mind, rather than bearing the stress of DIY exhibit transportation.


It Protects Your Trade Show Materials

If you plan to transport your display in your own vehicle, without the proper precautions, you run the risk of damaging your valuable trade show display and materials. Seeing as a damaged booth can quickly bring down your trade show experience, it’s important to have certain measures in place to keep your items in presentable condition.

Exhibit transportation companies have the specialized equipment, vehicles, and packing materials necessary to ensure the safety of your trade show items. At Pyramid Logistics, we offer a complimentary pad wrap service that protects your materials with plywood slip-sheets. Our trucks also have sturdy tie-downs to keep cargo in place, as well as air-ride suspensions for a smoother ride that doesn’t rock or sway. 

On top of these features, we can provide you with security cages and containers once you arrive at your event. These can be rented or bought, and help to eliminate end-of-show product losses and keep your exhibit materials safe.


It Enhances Your Trade Show Experience

Exhibit transportation can save you time, money, and keep your trade show display out of harm’s way – which ultimately makes for an enhanced trade show experience. 

Without logistical stress weighing on your shoulders, you can spend your energy on the event itself – mingling with attendees, promoting your brand, and ensuring it all goes to plan. You’ll also enjoy flexibility and convenience, especially when you partner with Pyramid Logistics since we allow you to choose the pickup and delivery times that best suit your schedule. 

An exhibit transportation company can help with other tedious tasks as well, from loading and unloading to the setup of your display. Here’s our full list of trade show transportation offerings at Pyramid Logistics:

  • Trade show survival kits
  • Security cages and containers
  • Show floor representatives
  • Protective pad wrap services
  • Flexible shipment sizes
  • Damage-free transit


Exhibit Transportation with Pyramid Logistics

Do you have a trade show on the horizon, but haven’t sorted out your exhibit logistics? You may be running the risk of delays, or damage upon delivery. Ensure your branded display and other trade show materials arrive on time and without a scratch with Pyramid Logistics, a premier trade show transportation provider for the past two decades.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.