Why 3PLs Should Assess Their Warehousing Bandwidth Now

In the past year, there has been a surge in consumer spending that has caused 3PLs to adjust to increasing demand. A year of unprecedented growth created a rising need for storage solutions with logistics providers who can store and deliver. 

With the holiday season coming to a close, the demand is unlikely to decrease in 2021, meaning your business should start thinking about warehousing bandwidth now. Discover a few reasons why below.

Panic from the Pandemic 

The pandemic may have forced physical stores to close, but online shopping grew exponentially. B2C companies were forced to think ahead to keep their inventory stocked at all times. This meant they had to focus on their supply chain networks and find 3PLs that could not only store but ship their products. So far, this has caused companies with warehouse services to hold higher volumes, making them busier than ever, and this trend is likely to continue into 2021.

Concern Over Competitors

Smaller 3PLs may not hold a flame to bigger competitors, but what they can offer are localized warehousing facilities. The market for storage services is expected to become more competitive due to the low barriers of entry for newcomers. With more competition, it is that much harder to pitch your services. Think strategically and consider plans that put you above your competition. These plans could include partnerships, company acquisitions or mergers, and investing in your warehouse management systems.

Adjust Your Bandwidth

The need for warehousing is on the rise, so your business should assess your capabilities sooner than later. As consumer-facing businesses continue to sell their products, they’ll eventually need more storage space. Their future storage needs may reach the maximum capacity at their current provider. That means they’ll be searching for convenient warehousing in a pinch, which is where your company can shine. When you are aware of your warehouse bandwidth, you may be in the perfect position to take in their inventory. If you take advantage of the time you have now, you may find success in your future!


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