What You Should Know About AAO 2022

With the
AAO 2022 expo just around the corner, it’s high time for those in the ophthalmology field to plan out their trade show exhibits. Doctors, researchers, and industry representatives from all over will be in attending AAO 2022, making it the perfect opportunity for the latter parties to promote their most attractive new products and solutions. However, it’s crucial that you consider the details of your trade show design and transportation in advance – two needs that Pyramid Logistics can fill.

Get the details for the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s long-awaited 2022 event, before contacting Pyramid for your logistical needs.


What Is AAO 2022?

AAO 2022 is an annual convention held by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the leading event for ophthalmology professionals across the country. It features keynote lectures from industry leaders, courses for continued education, and an expo to showcase innovations in the field. This year, the AAO 2022 conference will be held from September 30th to October 3rd in McCormick Place, Chicago. The actual AAO expo will take place from Saturday, October 1st to Monday, October 3rd. If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here.

The expo will be centered around advocating for ophthalmology patients, ophthalmic education, and pushing the boundaries of the field’s technological innovations. With AAO 2022 catering to the largest national membership association of eye M.D.s, it’s the perfect opportunity for medical service providers to showcase their products and solutions.


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Networking & Learning Opportunities

Once you’ve set up your booth and gotten your pitch down, there are plenty of expo amenities to explore. The Learning Lounge, for example, is an interactive area for ophthalmology field experts to lead small group discussions, while the Industry Showcase Theater allows companies to promote their products and services for 30 minutes at a time. 

The Technology Pavilion is there for industry reps to break down the latest trends, while highlighting new tools that offer unprecedented solutions. Lastly, visit the Truhlsen-Marmo Museum of the Eye for an exhibit that ties together medical innovations and their significance in the military. When you have a chance to take a break from showcasing your trade show display, be sure to check out these insightful expo features.


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Trust Pyramid Logistics with Your AAO 2022 Materials

If you’re an ophthalmology industry rep hoping to impress potential customers at AAO 2022, you’ll need a trade show booth that truly stands above the rest. Safe and sound transit of your trade show goods from your office to Chicago is also a necessity. 

Thankfully, these are our specialties at Pyramid Logistics—planning out the logistics of delivery and storage. We’ll also take care of the setup and tear-down of your trade show display to ensure a worry-free experience from start to finish. Visit the Pyramid Logistics website to request a quote for your upcoming AAO 2022 exhibit.


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