What Would Happen If Trucking Services Stopped?

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Last Updated July 2021

The efficiency of our fast-moving world depends on items getting from one place to another. Because trucking services touches almost every single industry, trucking serves as the heartbeat of production. Most people may not think twice about seeing a truck traveling on the freeway, but each of those trucks is responsible for keeping our world functioning properly. Many aspects of everyday life are only possible because of the diligent work of truck drivers. 

According to the American Trucking Association, nearly 71% of all freight moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. 

Every day, we are reminded of the importance of efficient transportation through the hard work of our own truck drivers. Our team travels all around the country to help our clients transport and deliver their specialty items safely and in a timely manner.


Ever wonder what would happen if all trucking services stopped? Here’s a glimpse of some of the effects:


24 Hours Without Trucking Services

Even just one day without transportation creates major issues. In 24 hours, the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals and health centers will cease. This can result in life-threatening situations for many. 

Another critical supply of goods that will immediately be impaired is oil. Gas stations will quickly begin to diminish their amount of fuel available. This would cause gas prices to skyrocket and long lines at the pumps. 

Also, all U.S. mail and other package deliveries would completely shut down.


2-3 Days – Supply Shortages

A few days of zero transportation will cause problems to expand, while also creating new ones to endure. One of the important aspects of transportation that everyone depends on is food. 

After 2-3 days without trucks transporting and delivering, food shortages would escalate dramatically. Essential food supplies such as bottled water, powdered milk, and canned goods at major retailers will begin to disappear. 

Along with food supply, ATM’s will run out of cash, causing banks to be unable to process normal transactions. 

No cash means that there would not be a way to fill up gas tanks after dramatic decreasing levels and high prices. Service stations will completely run out of fuel for cars. 

Without trucks, there would be no proper way to dispose of waste. Garbage would start to pile up and would directly affect suburban and urban areas first, then slowly spread across all communities.


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1 Week – Transportation Standstill

One week without trucking services would be extremely detrimental in all areas of production and normal life. Without all of the daily supplies being delivered to companies and civilians, most things (and people) would be at a standstill. 

No fuel means that all forms of transportation would no longer function – even airplanes would remain grounded, as trucks deliver 80% of the fuel used by the nation’s airports. This would cause people not to be able to travel to their jobs, run errands, or leave the house at all.


1 Month Without Trucking Services

One month without transportation would essentially paralyze our society. At this point, our clean water supplies would be exhausted, leaving people desperate to survive. Our production is so reliant on goods getting to where they need to be, that it would be impossible to function without trucks. The heart of productivity in our world revolves around the trucking industry. As a society, we are connected in ways we often do not think about. In order to keep business and ourselves alive and thriving, we rely on every single truck driver on the road. 

At Pyramid Logistics, we are grateful to have a team of truck drivers who are passionate about their job. Our team does not cut corners when it comes to safety, compliance, and investment in our operations, so that we may ensure safe and on-time delivery of our client’s properties.

We have decades of experience in the field, specializing in taking care of the valuable display units and other items that our clients entrust to us and getting them to their destinations in a timely fashion. 


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