What White Glove Service Means in Transportation & Logistics

Truck transporting goods packed in boxes from warehouse

Transportation and logistics companies offer “white glove” service to entice their clients to do business. Throughout this shipping and delivery process, a client’s goods are treated delicately and with special care. While most transportation companies boast about white glove service, what exactly does this service entail? 

With over 20 years of experience in transportation and logistics, Pyramid Logistics knows what it takes to offer quality and exceptional delivery of valuable and fragile goods. Discover several of the elements that go into white glove service below.

Custom Packing

Getting large or specialty goods from one place to another can be difficult. With white glove service, assets are delivered with custom packing to ensure their safe arrival. No matter the size, value, or fragility of the goods, they are transported with care. Companies may offer custom crating to keep valuable goods secure during travel. Other options involving the trailer, such as padding or temperature control, help with packing conditions.

Real-Time Tracking

Transparency is key and gives your clients confidence in knowing where their assets are headed and that it will arrive on time. Some logistics companies may even invest in a system that notifies them of issues as they occur. This element of white glove service builds trust with clients and helps reduce or avoid problems in transit.

Set Up & Unloading

Transportation doesn’t have to end at the drop-off destination. White glove service goes the extra mile by offering to unpack boxes or crates and set up or install the goods for the client. Unloading and unpacking may produce debris which will require clean up services to dispose of the materials. This element ensures smooth shipping and hassle-free delivery.

Time & Flexibility

Being flexible to your client’s schedule is an added value. With white glove service, you deliver goods on schedule at a time that is convenient for the client. This means that instead of dropping off the cargo at a destination, you can tailor the delivery to meet the client so that no goods are left unattended. Additionally, transportation and logistics offer 24/7 customer service to provide excellent customer service. 


Looking for effective specialty transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage-free, and in conformity with the highest industry standards? Pyramid Logistics utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide your team with the warehousing capabilities of the future. 

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