What To Look For When Streamlining Your Retail Events With Retail Logistics Companies

A Pyramid-Logistic truck moving retail freight for Asics. Retail Logistics Services.

Whether you’re rolling out a new product or relocating an office, retail logistics demands meticulous planning. But as a business owner, you likely lack the time to sort out the storage, delivery, and installation of your new retail displays or products – which is why you’re searching for a logistics company to lend a hand. 

Retail logistics companies are instrumental in helping brands mitigate the risks involved with rollouts, most notably delayed delivery or damaged goods. However, it’s important to vet your options for the provider with the most relevant experience and resources to match. 

When prospecting retail logistics companies, be sure to hold them to high standards – flexible delivery, custom-tailored services, and oversized transport to name a few. At Pyramid Logistics, we’ve been exceeding these standards for the past 25 years, helping countless brands with retail launches, product rollouts, and more. 

Learn more about the standards against which retail logistics companies are held, and request a quote if you require logistical support for an upcoming retail rollout or event.

Standards for Retail Logistics Companies

New product launches, rollouts, and other events are delicate projects, requiring careful planning and execution. Knowing this, it’s all the more important to choose a logistical partner with niche retail expertise and years of experience to match. 

Retail logistics companies are a dime a dozen, but to ensure that your rollout goes smoothly from start to finish, it’s important to closely vet your prospects’ service offerings. Do they offer nationwide delivery, and flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules? Do they offer custom trucks to handle oversized items? What about debris removal, or online shipment tracking to keep your mind at ease?

By holding your options to these standards, your next retail rollout or product launch is sure to go off without a hitch:

Flexible, Nationwide Delivery

If your products are shipped nationally, your retail logistics provider should have the resources to deliver your products, displays, and other launch materials anywhere in the country. 

There are other key factors to consider as well, such as whether your heat-sensitive goods require temperature-controlled trucks, your provider’s experience transporting retail items, and the risks of time timelines and delivery windows. 

Custom-Tailored Services

From the way products are packed and delivered to how they’re installed in your store, every rollout is different, which is why custom-tailored services are so crucial. At Pyramid Logistics, we offer a roster of custom services that shift depending on your product type, assembly needs, and more:

  • White glove delivery and installation of displays and fixtures
  • On-site display assembly
  • Debris removal and disposal post-launch
  • Online tracking of shipments from warehouse to store
  • Flexible delivery hours to minimize store disruptions

Every product has unique needs, so look for a retail logistics company that provides these types of customized solutions – as well as oversized trucks if you’re shipping larger products.

Oversized Trucking Assets

If you’re launching large-scale in-store displays, kiosks, or oversized products to your storefront, your retail logistics provider should have the necessary equipment to transport those items safely and without a scratch. 

This includes flatbed trailers and trucks, vehicles with lift gates for residential deliveries, moving blankets, and other protective materials. At Pyramid Logistics, we own a wide variety of trucks to accommodate a range of product types and offer over 25 years of experience in packing, storing, and shipping retail items. It’s not enough to have the assets – your provider should have deep retail knowledge as well, to prevent potential risks and delays.

Additional Resources

For large, nationwide, or regional product launches, the ability to tap into a global logistics network can make all the difference. Retail logistics companies are often part of larger transportation networks, allowing them to call on other specialists to handle certain parts of the retail rollout process.

Pyramid Logistics, for example, is an agent of Unigroup Logistics – a network of transportation and warehouse experts that can further tailor your retail services. These partners can offer niche solutions, such as overseas product transport, import/export coordination, and expanded storage capabilities as needed. 

Keep Your Rollout on Track with Pyramid Logistics

All in all, the success of your upcoming product rollout or retail event will largely depend on the expertise of your retail logistics provider. Choose wisely, and reap the rewards – but choose poorly, and you could see damage upon delivery or a delayed event. With the right provider handling your retail logistics, such as Pyramid Logistics, you can finally shift your full focus to launching or promoting your latest product.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.