What is White Glove Delivery, & How Can It Help Your Business?

white-glove-deliveryWhile we believe that every piece of cargo should be delivered with care, some items are simply more valuable and fragile than others – and therefore call for specialized attention. 

This specialized attention has a name: “white glove delivery.” But what is white glove delivery, and when is it necessary for businesses to leverage? 

The team at Pyramid Logistics has delivered white glove services for countless clients over the past 25 years. We understand that as a business owner, you need certain assurances regarding the safe and timely delivery of your items. Be it an office relocation, retail rollout, or delivery of high-value cargo, we’re here to bring you logistical peace of mind.

Learn the ins and outs of white glove delivery and explore Pyramid Logistics’ relevant services, and request a quote online if your items demand a higher level of service.


What is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery isn’t your everyday logistics service. Damage or loss of your company’s assets while on the road is costly, and for an extra layer of assurance, businesses often turn to white glove service for peace of mind knowing their items will be in good hands. 

This careful logistical approach is necessary to ensure complete oversight of your items, from pickup and packing to transportation and drop-off. All-in-all, opting for white glove delivery will reduce your risk of damage or lost assets, because highly experienced handlers are unloading and unpacking your items. 


Pyramid Logistics’ White Glove Offerings

The logistics experts at Pyramid Logistics offer white glove delivery for a number of use cases, including office relocations, retail rollouts, and specialty freight shipping. This keeps office materials, new products, and particularly fragile items out of harm’s way while on the road, nixing your fears of logistical holdups. 


Office Relocations

As part of our retail logistics service, our team of shippers and handlers can lend a hand with office or headquarters relocation. There are two parts to this service: warehousing for your items, and delivery to your location as needed.

Store your furniture, lights, fixtures, or end caps in one of our secure warehouses. Then, once you’re ready to set up the new office or headquarters, Pyramid Logistics will promptly deliver your materials. 


Retail Rollouts

Rolling out a new product is thrilling, and to ensure it all goes according to plan, business owners require a precise logistical touch. 

You need a place to store your products before launch, a tracking system to manage your inventory, and a logistical partner that can deliver those products at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, Pyramid Logistics has the resources to carry out the entire process.

Your products will be kept safe and secure in one of our warehouses. Then, once rollout day arrives, we’ll quickly deliver your items directly to your location. 

Our network of warehouses and state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you complete visibility of your stored items across all of our locations. We can also integrate our platform with your ERP, TMS, or CRM via API for additional visibility and efficiency. 

With storage, tracking, and delivery in place, you can finally take the stress of logistics off your plate and shift focus to selling your new product.


Specialty Freight Shipping

When you’re shipping fragile, high-value cargo, the potential losses from a poor delivery skyrocket – highlighting the need for white glove delivery.

Whether you’re shipping particularly valuable electronics, medical devices, or product prototypes, certain items demand specialized care. This includes custom packing, on-site delivery, and temperature-controlled trucks for any heat-sensitive goods. Our team will also clean up any debris leftover from the delivery to keep your space in top condition. 

The bottom line is: if you’re transporting delicate cargo that holds high value, white glove delivery will ensure that they’re delivered safely and soundly.


Items That Require White Glove Delivery

Throughout our 25 years of white glove delivery service, we’ve handled a wide variety of delicate cargo. Our team can also coordinate reverse logistics, which includes the delivery of new equipment or fixtures, removal, and return shipping or disposal of old items. 

Here are a few examples of items that commonly require white glove care:

Medical Equipment

Delicate equipment such as Ultrasounds, Lasik machines, MRI and CT machines, and blood testing instruments are all at risk of breakage during transport. We’ve also shipped hospital beds, exam tables, and surgical microscopes. 

IT & Retail Items

Data center equipment, including server racks and the servers themselves, are typically high in value and easily damaged. The same goes for retail store fixtures, displays, and kiosks, all of which deserve white glove care. 

Artwork & Other High-Value Cargo

Other large and delicate item types, such as fragile artwork, are best served by a white glove delivery service. 


Protect High-Value Cargo with White Glove Delivery

Gain peace of mind knowing that your office materials, new products, and high-value cargo will be delivered on time and with the utmost care. Our network of warehouses and retail tracking give you the visibility you need, while our white glove delivery team ensures that your products are transported without a scratch. 


Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us or reach out to our offices for a consultation