What is Trade Show Shipping?

trade show shipping

In 2021, many businesses decided to sit out on live events in favor of virtual trade shows for safety. As public safety has improved for trade shows, businesses are making their way back to the trade show floor to grow their company. Rusty exhibitors who haven’t exhibited at a show in over a year can rest easy. Pyramid Logistics has the scoop on trade show shipping and what you should expect from your trade show transportation company.

Gather Trade Show Shipping Contents

First and foremost, what is included in trade show shipping? Everything that you may need while you are exhibiting at a trade show is part of it. Your company’s trade show booth, along with any tables, chairs, and electronic devices or accessories should be accounted for when you ship your exhibition. It’s wise to think ahead and consider giveaway items or marketing materials that will be used at the event and later tossed.

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Secure On-Time Transportation and Delivery

Another aspect of trade show shipping is on-time transportation and delivery. Once you have all of your materials ready for shipping, do your research and find a reliable trade show transportation company. Your booth is the most important element of your exhibit and if it doesn’t arrive on time, you risk losing valuable business. Choose a company that guarantees on-time delivery so you can set up in time for the event and impress prospects. Start with Pyramid Logistics; request a quote for trade show shipping today.

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Hire Trade Show Shipping Professionals

It’s no surprise that the best trade show shipping comes from an experienced company that understands the events industry. Your decision to hire a professional trade show transportation partner will give you peace of mind. Pyramid Logistics has over 20 years in the events industry and our team knows their way around the trade show floor. We can even help you set up and take down the booth once the event is over. 

Let us handle your trade show transportation needs so you can grow your business. Request a quote today.

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