What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery is the final leg of the delivery process. It is provided by third-party logistics (3PL) companies and is the point in the transportation where the shipment is delivered to the final destination. Last mile delivery, also known as final mile delivery, is meant to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible to the client.

When a business owner partners with a 3PL for last mile service, it’s important to understand what this service is before you commit. Partnering with an experienced provider, like Pyramid Logistics, can reassure you in your decision-making process. Below we have listed considerations you need to know about last mile services.


What are the Challenges of Last Mile Delivery?

The biggest challenges in last mile delivery are: 

  • Cost 
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency

It’s wise to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible from your 3PL provider. While a low cost overall may sound appealing, your money is best spent on a 3PL that is transparent, efficient, and cost-effective. A 3PL should communicate and ensure that your shipments are delivered on time and at the right place. 

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What are the Expectations from a Client?

The top expectations a client has for their 3PL are:

  • Fast shipping
  • Online tracking
  • Safe transportation

Most people are attuned to 2-day shipping standards, so fast shipping is a must. It’s also important to business owners that they know where their assets are at all times. Online tracking has become a staple for 3PLs, and if they haven’t adopted the technology, they may fall short for clients. The safety of shipments is also a top priority. It may be an additional cost, but specialized transportation can be a determining factor in last mile deliveries.


How Can 3PLs Improve Last Mile Service?

The best way that 3PLs can improve their last mile delivery service is to optimize their processes, and this is best done through technology. For a business owner, this can make a difference when choosing 3PLs and may even reduce costs. Shipments can become more streamlined through technology and improved infrastructure. They can also have an impact on the overall cost of the last mile service. Despite being the last leg and the shortest leg of the delivery process, this service is critical for business owners. 

Keep the above information in mind when searching for a 3PL partner. It’s best to start with a logistics company that owns a fleet of trucks, tracking services, white glove service, and is transparent from the get-go. Consider high quality and cost-effective last mile delivery with Pyramid Logistics.


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