What Does the Future of Trade Shows Look Like?

As restrictions loosen for cities, the excitement for businesses to return to trade shows grows. After a difficult year, networking face-to-face with prospects and clients is just on the horizon. While some are worried about safety, others are ready to get back into the swing of things. The issue is, will trade shows be the same?

The pandemic has affected the way trade shows operate, so it’s unlikely that we will immediately go back to the way it used to be. On the positive side, in-person events are making a comeback, but you should know what to expect. Take a look at several factors that provide insight into the future of trade shows.


Added Virtual Components 

Throughout the pandemic, virtual conferences saved events that decided to go digital. Online conferences helped keep trade shows and events moving forward. Some grew weary fast interacting with a computer, while others found it to be a great alternative. Several trade shows are set to be face-to-face later this year, and there may still be virtual components to these events. This is due to online conferences being cost-effective and accessible to the public. Having an on-demand option for those unable to travel or attend physically is a good option, so virtual components are here to stay for now.

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Increased Safety Measures 

Some companies lost much of their business as a result of trade shows stopping. There has been a strong desire for both attendees and companies to attend in-person trade shows as soon as possible to recuperate loss and make new connections. This has been referred to as “revenge attending” and appears to risk safety. However, convention centers have plans in place to ensure safety by implementing temperature checks, on-site tests, limiting capacity, reducing touchpoints, and more. All of these methods lower the spread of illness before entering a convention center and during the event.


Improved Technology

Over the last year, technology has provided new or different ways to keep people and businesses safe. Looking ahead, businesses with booths may need to rethink how they demonstrate their goods in interactive and interesting ways. This is where technology can help. To draw in attendees, your business needs to deliver an experience that can’t be replicated online. Getting creative in sharing your offerings in a touch-free environment will be something new to adapt to.

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