Vision Expo West 2022: SEE You There

Vision Expo West 2022 kicks off in just a few short months, with ophthalmology industry professionals from across the country gathering for four days of innovation, networking, and education. With Vision Expo East having already passed, this is your second and last chance to flaunt your ophthalmology expertise this year. To ensure all goes according to plan, you’ll need a logistics partner to transport your trade booth materials safely, soundly, and on time. 

If you haven’t registered for Vision Expo West 2022, now is your chance to claim your spot and start planning out your trade booth design and delivery. Get a brief overview of Vision Expo West 2022 and reach out to Pyramid Logistics to clear any logistical obstacles.


Vision Expo West 2022: When, Where, & Who

Vision Expo West 2022 will be taking place September 14-17 at the Venetian Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a bi-annual event held on the east and west coasts which gathers ophthalmic professionals for four days of eyewear innovation and education. 

Attendees include businesses and medical professionals such as ophthalmologists, opticians, optometrists, eyewear manufacturers, optical tech specialists, and more. Visit our recent blog for a more fleshed-out background of Vision Expo West 2022, and if you’re an interested ophthalmic professional, be sure to review the event’s safety protocols on the Vision Expo West website prior to attending.


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How Pyramid Logistics Can Help

Vision Expo East has come and gone, making Vision Expo West 2022 your second and last chance this year to network with ophthalmology professionals from across the country. Our best advice for a frictionless event is to transport your trade show materials safely and soundly. Thanks to our asset-owned truck fleet, shipping capabilities, and more, Pyramid Logistics is your preferred partner for exhibiting at this year’s Vision Expo West.


Our Own Trucking Assets

Gaining access to trucks and trailers is highly difficult these days, which means you need a logistics partner with their own trucks and equipment. At Pyramid Logistics, we own a fleet of custom-sized trailers and transportation assets and even staff our own drivers, meaning we’re rarely scrambling to book trucks or provide personnel.  

Speedy Shipping & Transportation

For a successful exhibit, you need prompt trade show transportation – and you need to ensure that your booth isn’t damaged in the process. This is why we discuss logistical needs, security measures, and delivery details with our clients as a first step, so that your booth is ready by September 14th without a dent or scratch. 

Safe & Local Storage

Are you tired from the stress of late in-transit deliveries? We understand – and handling the logistics of your trade show accommodations, badge pickup, and schedule on top of transportation can get overwhelming. Amid all the other planning in place, trade show transportation doesn’t belong on your plate.


Instead, turn to a local logistics expert to better prepare for Vision Expo West 2022 by storing your materials ahead of time. Pyramid Logistics has an office conveniently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, allowing our out-of-state clients to store materials until the week of the event. This is an unmatched service that takes away the stress of potentially late deliveries.


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SEE You There!

With all the planning that goes into your trade show exhibit, the last thing you need is a logistical error to thwart your vision. But by reaping the benefits of our asset-owned trucking equipment, prompt transportation, and local storage options, we at Pyramid Logistics can take the logistical stress off your plate. Remember to RSVP for Vision Expo West 2022 if you haven’t already, and call our offices for transportation help – we’ll SEE you there!


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