Vision Expo East 2022: Exhibitor Do’s and Don’ts

vision expo east 2022

With time to prepare, you should ensure that your business has everything under control. Being an exhibitor at a trade show like Vision Expo East can elevate your company if you know what to do. Make your preparation easy and let Pyramid Logistics, a trusted trade show transportation company, handle the logistics of getting your booth to the show.

To help you get ready for the show, we’ve listed several do’s and don’ts of exhibiting at Vision Expo East 2022.

Vision Expo East Do’s:

Proof of Vaccination
The first thing you should know is that Vision Expo East will be a vaccination admission event. The live event will require proof of vaccination to enter. Visit their website to learn more about showing proof of vaccination. Additionally, masks will be required for all at this trade show – exhibitors, attendees, staff, etc.

Keep Your Booth Staffed
When you’re going to a live event to market and network your business, your people are your best asset. Don’t let opportunities slip by because you were understaffed for the event. It can also be a relief to bring an extra hand so you can comfortably take breaks and ensure someone is always at your booth.

Shoes Maketh the Exhibitor
As an exhibitor, you’ll be attending your booth from the beginning to the end of the day. If Vision Expo East is the first trade show you’re headed back to, this is your reminder to wear comfortable shoes! When prospects walk up to your booth, you should be ready to approach and not let them approach you. Be prepared to stand most of the day. And remember, it’s their first impression of you–so make it count!

Stay Charged and Connected
With technology being a large part of networking in the post-pandemic era, it’s important that your electronics are charged. Many attendees are using their phones to connect with you online or find out more about you, so ensure your phone, tablet, or laptop are not on their last legs before the day is out. If you’re not certain that you’ll have an outlet nearby, it never hurts to bring an extension cord just in case!

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Vision Expo East Don’ts

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goals
With so much to see at Vision Expo East (pun intended), you may become overwhelmed by the amazing new innovations, products, and discussions. Attending educational sessions and viewing competitors is a great way to research within your industry. However, don’t become too distracted by the show, and remember to keep your goals in line with a plan.

Don’t Forget to Take a Break
In line with one of our “do’s” we encourage you to stay staffed throughout Vision Expo East. At some point, you may need a coffee break after being alert all morning. We encourage you to have a break! But, before you head off to the Starbucks on Level 2 of the Javits Center, ensure that you don’t leave your booth unattended. Consider a list of shifts so that you make the most of your company’s exhibition booth.

Don’t Pack More Than Necessary
Being prepared for everything is the approach that most people like to have when they go anywhere. However, don’t bring more than you need to the show. You should bring what you need because, at the end of the 3-day exhibition event, you don’t want to add stress to the pack-up process. Lose the extra signage, forget about that extra 100-pack of business cards, and avoid an excessive stock of pens and notepads.

Don’t Forget to Network
Going to New York City is a spectacle on its own, but don’t forget why you will be exhibiting at Vision Expo East 2022. Networking at live events is often the biggest source of new prospects for a company and the best place to create partnerships. Your company’s goal is to attract and connect with other businesses so you can grow. After all, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Apple after hours.


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