High Value Assets Transport: Is Your 3PL Able to Handle It?

two men with masks on unloading a fixture with care

High value goods like medical devices, set pieces for movies, or vehicle transport require a logistics company dedicated to the safety of your valuable assets. If you’re searching for a third-party logistics provider to assist in transporting delicate items to a destination, choose a company that can handle the work.

Pyramid Logistics has over 23 years of experience in the transportation of high value assets. We know what it takes to handle fragile goods, no matter how difficult the job. Whether you have bulky, delicate, or large assets to transport, you should partner with a logistics company that can do the job, like us. 

Here are several considerations you should keep in mind while assessing a 3PL’s ability to transport high value goods:


Does the 3PL Have Optimal Trailer Transport?

Logistics companies often outsource the transportation process to couriers or agents. This means that they don’t have much control over the size of the trailer or freight transporting your goods. Your high-value assets require ext

ra care and attention, therefore, ensuring your 3PL has the right sized trailers is crucial. Consider partnering with a 3PL that owns its fleet of trailers and trucks so that you have more control over your goods during transportation. Pyramid Logistics has high cube trailers that work for large shipments.

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Does the 3PL Have Custom Packing?

Along with proper trailer size, you may need custom crating or packing for some items. Despite being the shortest leg of the logistics process, transportation is the most important part of delivering your assets, as well as delivering them safely! If a 3PL does not guarantee secure transport for delicate or movable goods, you should consider switching logistics providers. After all, these assets are critical for your business. While some assets may not fit within a crate, it takes custom preparation and packing to secure items to avoid damage, and Pyramid Logistics can offer that.


Does the 3PL Offer Flexibility?

Businesses are facing difficulties after the pandemic. If you’re operating on limited hours or weekends, it’s critical that your 3PL can offer flexible delivery times. It’s all the more beneficial to your business that the provider also offers quick delivery services for a fast turnaround. A logistics provider with their own fleet, as we mentioned before, has more control over their delivery process and can offer that flexibility. Keep in mind that your time is as valuable as your goods, so try partnering with a company like Pyramid Logistics.


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