Trade Show Transportation Tips

If you manage your brand’s trade show events, you understand the extra work that goes into logistics. Between booking staff accommodations, designing your booth, and creating marketing materials, prioritizing your trade show transportation can be easily put on the back burner. 

At Pyramid Logistics, our team is here to help with all aspects of your event’s logistics. We have more than 20 years of expertise in trade shows, experiential tours, and automobile transportation. We travel all around the country to provide a seamless and timely process for our clients’ events. 

Running a smooth logistics process for your trade show experience can save you a lot of time, potential freight damage, and, most importantly- unnecessary stress. 


Ensure your event runs smoothly from box to booth with these tips: 


Plan Well In Advance

Just as you would plan for your team’s strategy during a trade show, it is crucial to have enough leeway to prepare for your freight’s travels. Start by determining what type of transportation would be best for your shipping needs. Delaying your travel arrangements can heighten your risk of additional shipping costs and services. Your planning should be efficient enough to consider both cost and time allotted for unloading and reloading. If your booth is large and intricate, you may need to get extra help for setup as well.


Label Everything

The most effective way to organize for trade show shipping is through labeling. Before any shipment is sent off, double-check that every crate, carton, and box are labeled with the proper show name and booth number. At Pyramid Logistics, we label every single item we receive from clients. They have the option to come into our warehouse to have a more hands-on approach in the process. Some items are meant to be stored for a later time, while others need to be shipped out to an event on a specific day. 


Keep Inventory 

One of the most beneficial aspects of trade shows is the amount of exposure your business receives. But with so many attendees, things can get lost in the mix. Purchasing a trade show booth is a big expense, and with much time and money invested, losing items is not an option. Take inventory of every item that is going on the trade show floor, and stay organized with labels. This process makes it easy to notice when something gets misplaced or damaged. 


Protect Your Items 

Trade shows bring in thousands of attendees, meaning there is a lot of foot traffic coming to and from your booth. Whether you have electronics, collectibles, or other high-end items, protecting them must be a priority. Our team regularly provides clients with security cages that can store materials and goods during transport and on location. We deliver them to our partners before a show, and the goods are transported securely to the trade show. 


Managing trade show displays, exhibits, and supplies can be stressful and expensive – but at Pyramid Logistics, we make it simple and cost-effective. From inbound transportation and setup to break-down and storage, we make sure you never have to worry about your trade show logistics again.


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