Trade Show Transportation for Vision Expo East 2022

trade show transportation

When you’re checking off your trade show checklist for Vision Expo East, where does trade show transportation fall? In preparation for the big day, you’re busy thinking about all the items you need to bring with you, like custom marketing materials, equipment, and your booth for the show. The question is – how are you getting everything there?

Pyramid Logistics has worked in the transportation industry for decades, and trade show projects are our bread and butter. Trust us when we say that trade show transportation should be at the top of your list. If you’re headed to Vision Expo East, here are the reasons why exhibitors and business owners should keep transportation top of mind.

Exhibitors Need Reliable Trade Show Transportation 

After a year without trade shows, businesses like yours are itching to get back to the trade show floor. If your team is ready to go, partner with a transportation and logistics company that knows how to handle the job. Pyramid Logistics, for example, has years of experience working in live events; we even have our own fleet of trucks to assist in shipping exhibitor booths all over the country. From California to New York, Pyramid Logistics has you covered

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Plan in Advance for Peace of Mind

Chances are, you’re finding this article in advance of Vision Expo East 2022. Exhibitors need time to solidify their plans for a show because it often takes a lot of work. In the months leading up to this live event in New York City, you’ll be searching for hotel accommodations and creating a schedule for your team. That should include trade show transportation. Trade show logistics is that much easier when you’ve checked off making arrangements in advance. Have peace of mind knowing plans are solid and take one more task off your plate.

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Enlist Trade Show Transportation with Experts

Pyramid Logistics has the skill, experience, and expertise to accomplish trade show projects. Consider enlisting us for your Vision Expo East trade show transportation needs. Our team can warehouse, ship, and drop off your trade show booth. Exhibitors trust us because we know live events, and our experience has allowed us to handle trade show logistics for companies across all industries. You handle the marketing, and we’ll handle the logistics.

Partner with Pyramid Logistics. Let us help you get you back into the booth! Get a quote for your next show below.


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