Trade Show Industry Observations for 2021: Are Cancellations Imminent?

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The COVID-19 Delta variant has raised flags all over the country. Just as the trade shows and exhibits industry started picking up, it’s facing another downward turn. MarketWatch reported cancellations for the New York International Auto Show and the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) show in Orlando. These events were large shows expected to draw in thousands, but they along with a few other trade shows were canceled due to COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

It’s difficult to say whether cancellations will continue. One observation that is helpful in determining cancellations is the vaccination rate. That, and a tenacity to keep moving forward, is what may help decrease the trade show cancellations and keep companies going to shows.


Trade Shows are Important for Businesses

Trade shows are a large part of any B2B business focused on learning new information in their industry and viewing or demonstrating what new products are emerging. These live events allow businesses to come together under one roof to network, as well as educate and explore. Networking is a huge draw because attendees can find new leads at shows, and it is how companies get much of their new business during the year. 

Face-to-face meetings are important and that is why many shows have not been canceled yet. In fact, there is a growing need for convention workers in Las Vegas despite COVID-19 cases spiking in the city, and only time will tell if vaccines will become a requirement as the year goes on.


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Cancellations are Determined by Vaccine Progress

Strides have been made by trade show associations and venues to keep the public safe while they attend or exhibit at events. However, there are limits to what these organizations can do in terms of public safety. The CDC has said that being vaccinated helps keep people safer than if they were not vaccinated. Progress has been made on this front slowly but surely. As more people are vaccinated, they become more immune than their unvaccinated counterparts, which reduces the risk of becoming severely ill.

The CDC has amended their previous announcement requiring all vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to wear masks in public indoor areas where there are high transmission areas. The mandate alone isn’t enough to stop the spread of the virus, but a  combination of masking up and higher vaccine might. This cautionary step may lead to a lower risk of contracting COVID, thus making large gatherings like trade shows safer, and allowing them to continue without masks in the future.


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