The Los Angeles Marathon Celebrates its 30th Year

Going the Distance

Why would anyone choose to run 26.2 miles when you can drive? This question rings particularly true in car-obsessed Los Angeles, but as has been the case for the last 30 years, gutsy individuals have made their way to the starting line to run the City of The Angels. On Sunday, March16, 2015, thousands or runners participated in the Asics LA Marathon. The “Stadium to the Sea” course began at Dodger Stadium and wound its way through Downtown, Hollywood and other notable neighborhoods before finishing near the Santa Monica Pier. This year each runner was tested not just by the distance from start to finish, but the varied and challenging terrain and unseasonably warm weather which reached record-breaking highs. It takes several months of preparation and discipline for runners to properly train for and complete the marathon. Beginners and elite runners alike commit countless hours preparing for the punishment their bodies will endure during the race. For most it is test of personal fortitude to make it to the finish, for a select few, the marathon is a race against other elite athletes to be the first to cross the finish line. This year, the winners of both the female and male elite fields hailed from Kenya. Olga Kimaiyo finished the event in 2:34:10, with Daniel Limo finishing with a final time of 2:10:36. Congratulations to Olga and Daniel for racing to victory!

The Road to Race Day

In addition to the preparation by the runners, race organizers were charged with ensuring the race was well organized and that the needs of all the participants and volunteers were met. It was no small thing putting on a premiere racing event particularly over such a great distance in a world-renowned city. Race organizers and sponsors worked together for many months to ensure that everything went seamlessly for the safety and enjoyment of all parties involved. In the days leading up the big race, participants attended the race expo held in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center in order to pick up their official race bibs. As with all aspects of the race, there was great attention to detail to ensure that runners were prepared, energized and excited for the upcoming race. The hall was filled with everything the runners would possibly need to have the perfect race, and Asics as the primary race sponsor, had a very strong presence at the expo. The Asics, store and displays spectacularly simulated themarathon road course flanked by their fabulous merchandise and imagery of limited edition shoes specifically designed for the race. The large pop-up store was accomplished with the capable assistance of Pyramid Logistics. Pyramid Logistics was responsible for transporting over 16 truckloads of merchandise and displays to Los Angeles form various locations across the USA.Once everything was on site, Pyramid Logistics was instrumental in setting up the Asics displays and merchandise for the benefit and service of the thousands of runners to pass through on their way to a successful race day. All of the runners were well served and prepared for race day thanks to the race organizers, Asics America and, of course, Pyramid Logistics.