The American Society of Hematology Announces 57th Annual Meeting

The American Society of Hematology will be holding its 57th annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, this year on December 5 through 8, 2015.  The ASH Annual Meeting is one of the most recognized gatherings of experts in both malignant and non-malignant hematology, or the study of diseases of the blood.  From a global community of more than 20,000 hematology professionals, experts will be on hand to chair panel discussions and give presentations on all aspects of blood diseases.  Further, participants will have the opportunity to browse thousands of recent study abstracts on all aspects of hematology research.

The Annual Meeting will include breakout sessions on topics such as leukemia, genetic research and blood diseases during pregnancy.  The ASH is responsible for supporting and publishing high-quality research throughout the hematologic field, including publications such as Blood, ASH Clinical News, Hematology and The Hematologist.  The organization also sponsors the ASH Self-Assessment Program which helps those in the field meet quality benchmarks.


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