Sugar & Spice Changed These Truckers’ Lives!

Here at Pyramid Logistics, we could not be prouder of our drivers, all of whom seem like family to us.  We are always excited about the great things they are doing, the awards the frequently win and the way their jobs have changed their lives for the better.

No one has better earned the title of “celebrity” than our very own van operators Rich Launius and Sharleen Winschell, known far and wide for their cooking.  What makes their dishes special, however, is that they do most of it in their truck!

These fiancé owner-operators travel the country transporting trade show equipment.  They also enjoy the opportunity to gather new recipes and try them out while on the road.  Their truck contains customized, upscale appliance and ample counter space that allows them to cook “on the run,” with a generator that uses six gallons of fuel per 10 hours—more cost-effective than many standing kitchens.  Furthermore, the two agree that the cost of fitting up the truck is more than balanced not only by the money they save in avoiding restaurants but also in better health.

A Call To Action

For Rich Launius, cooking meals was more than just the indulgence of a hobby.  A few years ago, his blood sugar levels had reached almost 300 and he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  This could have resulted in him being disqualified from driving and losing the livelihood he so enjoyed.  For a month, the couple worked together to bring his sugar levels under control with medication and diet.

Launius says, “Now, my knees feel better, my back doesn’t hurt. I sleep a little better. I can tell a big difference.”  He has lost 50 pounds over the past four years simply by cooking his own food and making substitutions for many unhealthy dishes.  With the help of his fiancée, who has been cooking since she was 10, he has taken back his own health and is still pursuing the dream:  driving cross-country and enjoying a good life.

The couple have both been drivers for nearly 30 years.  Today, they enjoy working together to bring fresh, wholesome food to their “table,” even when they are on the road.

Pyramid Logistics is dedicated to ensuring that our drivers have the flexibility to pursue not only a good income but also a healthy lifestyle.  We salute Rich Launius and Sharleen Winschell for their commitment to good health and great service for our clients!