Studio Transportation Services: Behind the Scenes with Pyramid Logistics

If one thing in this life is constant, it’s the film industry. No matter what is happening in our world, people want to be entertained and that means that film studios are always in motion. If your studio transportation needs aren’t being met, look to Pyramid Logistics. We have the trucks, tools, and people to get the job done.


Have Set, Will Travel 

While film studios have their homes in major hubs like LA and Atlanta, most films and television shows are filmed on location all over the world. That’s why Pyramid Logistics has procured equipment and trucks to fit the needs of all sorts of sets and prop transportation. We offer custom-built 53-foot trailers with internal heights of up to 10 feet, for props and items that require a closed trailer rather than flat-bed transport. We also offer 12-foot side doors for easy loading and unloading. Every trailer comes with full E-Track Systems, so items can be stacked safely on double decks, drastically reducing the amount of space needed to transport smaller items.


Studio Transportation Solutions Wherever You Film

Pyramid Logistics trailers can load 40% more than a standard trailer – allowing us to offer lower transportation costs to studios. We can also provide one-way rates to the East Coast – removing the need to pay a driver to deadhead back to the West Coast. We offer the lowest East Coast transportation in the industry. Additionally, our in-house Air Freight Ocean Shipping Department is TSA-approved and cost-effective. We can ship almost anything to any location and have it there on time and on budget.


Automotive Expertise 

One of the many things that we specialize in is automotive transportation. Because we own and operate our own fleet, we have the ability to provide round-trip or multi-stop service. Vehicles can be transported to any location, kept as long as needed and picked up on your schedule – perfect for a flexible shooting schedule or swift location shifts.


Storage Solutions Beyond the Lot

Conveniently, Pyramid Logistics has several secure warehouses across the country. We use these to facilitate your shooting schedule in single or multiple locations. Keep your equipment, vehicles, props and other items safe from damage and theft during down times. We can transport your property to and from these facilities and ensure they remain in pristine condition.


Advertise While You Transport

Did you know that we can multitask? We can advertise for your film or production company as we ship your set pieces, props, and costumes across the country. Our trucks can include full-color graphics, movie release dates and other information – reaching your target audience with multiple stops throughout the United States. 

With Pyramid Logistics, you experience top-of-the-line service from beginning to end. Don’t let the stress of transportation keep you from focusing on filming your masterpiece. Rely on Pyramid Logistics to do the heavy lifting and keep you moving, no matter where your film takes you. Learn more about studio transportation on our website.


Work with Pyramid Logistics

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specialty transportation services that are responsibly priced, timely, efficient, damage-free, and in conformity with the highest industry standards with Pyramid Logistics. We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide your team with the warehousing capabilities of the future.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, click here