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Studio Transport Services

When it comes to transporting props, sets, and automobiles, Pyramid Logistics provides solutions businesses can trust. Our specialized fleet is designed for the needs of our studio clients, allowing us the ability to transport uniquely shaped studio props to any location in the country. Our large trailers, trucks, and vans are equipped to handle specialty transportation and will safely deliver your items to storage or a new filming location.

When transporting high-value goods, we provide:

Company Owned Assets:
We have a large fleet of company owned assets, such as flatbed trucks, auto-trailers, climate-controlled trucks, and air freight that fit your shipping requirements.

Large, custom built trailers:
We have trailers ranging from 53-feet long with heights up to 10-feet, along with 12-foot side doors for easy loading and unloading. We can load up to 40% more than regular trailers.

E-track systems:
Each trailer contains e-track systems to safely transport items on double decks, reducing the amount of space needed for smaller items.

One-way rates:
If you only need to transport your cargo one way, we can provide a discounted transportation rate.

Round-trip or multi-stop service:
Our vehicles can be transported to any location, and kept in place as long as needed to accommodate your schedule.

Rail/Intermodal Transportation:
If your cargo must be shipped by railroad, we offer intermodal transportation to complete the delivery.

Overseas services:
We have an in-house air freight ocean shipping department that is TSA-approved and cost-effective.

Worldwide Delivery:
We offer extensive transportation and delivery to all 50 states, Canada, and we have the capability for worldwide shipping.

Companies We’ve Worked With

Read about a recent studio transportation project and how we transported prop vehicles for a major motion picture company.

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Studio Transport Services
Studio Transport Services

“Our company trusted Pyramid Logistics with over seven million dollars worth of picture cars, and we were thrilled with the results. Their professionalism and reliability led to that success…Pyramid Logistics has been on time and on budget with their projects for our company. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Jim Colarossi

Sony Transportation, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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