SMILEcon 2022: Exhibitor Tips and Resources

smilecon 2022

SMILEcon 2022 is the American Dental Association’s (ADA) annual meeting that hosts dentists, dental hygienists, researchers, and a vast array of businesses that all play a role in the dental industry. SMILEcon unites dental professionals from around the U.S. and 50+ other countries every year and in 2022, Houston, Texas will host the convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center from October 13th – 15th. 

As an exhibitor at SMILEcon, your products and services will be on display for thousands of influential guests and here at Pyramid Logistics, we want you to be prepared. We have gathered some resources, tips, and trade show shipping information for making an impact at SMILEcon 2022.


Register ASAP for SMILEcon 2022

Exhibitor registration for SMILEcon 2022 opened February 28th but it’s not too late to reserve your spot. All final payments are due by July 15th, 2022. If this is your first year attending SMILEcon, you may not get an ideal spot in the exhibitor hall, but it’s a great idea to scope out the space for next year. In 2023, you will be able to renew your registration before the general public and give your business a better chance to access prime real estate.


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Learn About the SMILEcon Attendees Before You Go

In 2021, 53% of attendees made a practice-related purchase and 63% of those purchases were over $1000. With even more attendees anticipated this year, it would be helpful to understand what kind of people you will be selling your products and services to. SMILEcon has provided an Exhibitor Prospectus that will not only break down the audience statistics from the last four years of SMILEcon, but will also provide important deadlines, schedules, and other resources you will need as an exhibitor.


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Depend on Pyramid Logistics to Transport your Booth Supplies

Each exhibitor will have access to a 10X10 booth including:

  • 10 Dental Central personnel badges
  • Company description in the exhibitor listing
  • Company description, product information, and a hyperlink in the mobile app
  • 50-word company description and logo included with the online floor plan listing
  • 8 ft. high back drape and 3 ft. high side drape with booth identification sign

This space can be utilized to showcase your company and sometimes that takes a lot to maneuver from your office to the convention. No matter what you need to ship to SMILEcon, Pyramid Logistics will take on the task so you and your team don’t have stress about it. We are an
asset-owned logistics company so you have better control over your trade show shipping. Our team will pick up, transport, deliver, and set up your booth supplies for you even if it’s a cross-country trip.

Company Information


Shipment Detail






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