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Traveling to a trade show can be an exercise in logistics. Not only do you have to arrange for the transportation and accommodation of all the employees attending the show but also the transportation and setup of all your trade show supplies.

Display booths, printed materials, banners and even large structural units must be safely transported and set up during the show then broken down and returned after the event is concluded. As you probably already know, this can become an expensive and stressful job for anyone who must manage trade show equipment.

How would you like to be able to leave your trade show logistics problems behind and enjoy the assurance that all of your display moving and storage problems are solved? With Pyramid Logistics, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you never have to worry about hauling, moving or storing your trade show supplies again.

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Call 800-877-6687 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your trade show exhibits will arrive on time and damage-free.

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What Does Pyramid Logistics Do?

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Pyramid Logistics is a full-service transportation and logistics company dedicated to moving and storing trade show displays. The services provided by this company can help you take care of all your trade show logistics issues quickly and economically. Contact Pyramid Logistics for more information about:

  • Trade Show Survival Kits. Our survival kit is exclusive in the transportation industry and is a must for first-time trade show attendees. It is also helpful for veterans as it contains everything needed for a smooth trade show setup transition. Color-coded labels, pre-printed bills of lading, instructions for service contractors, control forms and a 24-hour Hotline number for assistance make this kit a must-have for anyone shipping trade show materials.
  • Security Cages/Containers. A security cage or container is a great investment to prevent end-of-show product losses. Pyramid Logistics offers three sizes of security containers and cages to protect all of your important trade show materials. Security containers can be rented or purchased.
  • Show Floor Representatives. While moving your trade show exhibits and equipment is important, we know it is not enough. Therefore, Pyramid Logistics also offers support on-site to assist with move-in and move-out as well as deal with local union regulations and other regulatory issues. We also enjoy strong relationships with many service contractors who can provide helps.
  • Superior Pad Wrap Services. Many carriers do not provide the pad wrapping that Pyramid Logistics offers as a standard service. Pads remain in place until installation, offering better protection against accidental damage. In addition, plywood slip-sheets are also used to protect against damage from forklifts and other machinery. With color-coded shipping labels attached, nothing could be simpler than sorting and setting up the trade show materials at the show.
  • Links. Visit links to the major convention centers where Pyramid Logistics has worked as well as other associations that provide information on trade show exhibits.

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For peace of mind about your trade show exhibit shipping and storage, call 800-877-6687 and talk to Pyramid Logistics.

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Pyramid Logistics is an agent for Mayflower Transit, a national shipping company with a modern, dedicated fleet of vans that are specifically designed for exhibit transportation. All rigs used to transport trade show displays include special features that assist in the safe transport of these items, including:

  • Over-sized doors on van sides for trouble-free loading and unloading
  • Air-ride suspensions provide smooth, bump-free rides
  • Immediate access to shipments in an emergency
  • Tie-downs to anchor display units during transport

Pyramid Logistics does not transport personal household items or large commercial shipments. Our only priority is moving trade show displays, exhibits and supplies.

We have decades of experience in the field, specializing in taking care of the valuable display units and other items that our clients entrust to us and getting them to their destinations in a timely fashion. Our company also has a full-time professional staff to ensure that deadlines are met and convention center staff are notified of important facts. Our staff can work with the staff at any location to ensure a problem-free delivery, setup and removal of all trade show equipment.

For a worry-free experience in transporting your trade show exhibit, call Pyramid Logistics at 800-877-6687.

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