Retail Logistics Services for Pop-Up Shops and More

Pop-up shops are attractive and engaging, especially for new product launches in a retail setting. And during these rollouts and events, it’s crucial that execution goes as planned – from floor plans and layouts to the timely delivery of display materials. As for the latter, this is where Pyramid Logistics excels. 

We help our clients with new product rollouts and promotions through secure transportation, timely delivery, setup, and breakdown of your pop-up shop. Get a better feel for our retail logistics services by looking over our offerings, notable clients, and featured projects before requesting a consultation.


Leveraging Pyramid’s Retail Logistics Services

There are a handful of benefits to our retail logistics services, from unrestricted domestic delivery to flexible shipping times that accommodate your urgent needs. Thanks to our network of certified drivers, Pyramid Logistics can deliver your retail pop-up materials to any U.S. state, including Alaska and Hawaii, and even to Canada. You’ll also receive a handful of sub-services to keep your mind at ease throughout delivery:

  • Online Shipment Tracking: Gain access to your delivery timetable at a moment’s notice.
  • Proprietary Truck Assets: Our trucks will keep your oversized or unusual items safe throughout the delivery process.
  • White Glove Service: If you’re transporting fragile goods, our team will ensure they’re handled with delicate care.
  • Custom Service: We’re an agent for Unigroup Logistics, which gives us access to a global network of transportation and warehouse specialists – allowing us to offer custom-tailored rollout services for your pop-up needs.

And at the end of it all, we clean up our own mess. Debris often collects during transport, set up, and delivery, which we sort out ourselves to keep your pop-up setup in mint condition. This full-ranging retail logistics service has greatly helped our clients in safely transporting their pop-up materials to industry-specific expos, tours, and conventions.


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Past Clients & Featured Projects

There are a handful of companies that have leveraged our retail logistics services, many of them being big-name brands. From Guitar Center and Walmart to the shoe giant ASICS, we’ve gained the trust of the country’s most influential businesses through our retail logistics services.

One example of our retail logistics expertise is our work at the E3 Expo in 2019, during which we had numerous clients showcase their products and solutions. As a result, we transported over 50 truckloads of materials for showroom displays. In the weeks prior to E3, we helped major gaming companies such as Activision, SEGA, Epic Games (Fortnite), and Oculus VR with inbound transportation logistics and setup for pop-ups and trade show displays.


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If you have an upcoming event that calls for pop-up materials transportation, consider the retail logistics services offered by Pyramid Logistics. With big brands such as Walmart, Activision, and Epic Games in our portfolio, your trust won’t be misplaced. Visit our website for more details on our retail logistics services, or to book an immediate consultation.


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