Pyramid Logistics: Best Hotel Event Logistics in Las Vegas

Events come in all shapes and sizes. From multi-building trade shows that take up blocks of the city, to small meetings at hotels across the country, there will always be a need for logistics experts to see that your display and property travels safely and is set up to your specifications. One of the many areas that Pyramid Logistics offers is hotel event logistics. While hotel events are usually geared towards smaller crowds, there is still a demand for qualified shipping, storage, and strategic setup for event displays.


Hotel Event Logistics for Events of All Sizes

Pyramid Logistics has systems set up for maximum efficiency when it comes to the handling of materials. From cost-effective carriers to live transportation tracking, we have your event covered no matter how big or small it may be. As mentioned above, hotel events tend to be on a smaller scale – averaging about 50-100 people. These events are just as crucial to your hotel business as the massive trade shows are to convention centers. Pyramid Logistics has a commitment to assist in whatever way we can to help you make the most impact at your meeting. This includes: 

  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Set up 
  • Tear down
  • Clean up

To learn more about our asset-owned business model and why it works so well, check out this blog.


Secure Transportation with Pyramid Logistics

Our top priority is the safe transportation and delivery of your products no matter where in the country we are delivering them. While we are based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, our service reaches across the country and even into parts of Canada. Don’t let the fear of long-haul transport keep you from living up to your full potential at each and every conference. 

One of the main concerns we hear from potential clients is the safety and security of their products as they ship across the States. We have several safe-guards in place to ensure that your products arrive in mint condition and on time. As a complimentary standard service, your assets will be pad wrapped, protected with plywood slip-sheets, and organized with color-coded shipping labels. We don’t play around when it comes to our damage-free shipping guarantee. When you do reach your destination, you have the option to have a representative on site and available to you for the trip in case you need something or an incident occurs.


Pyramid Logistics is There From Beginning to End

Coordinating set up and clean up shouldn’t be taking away from your attention to the real reasons you decided to join the conference. Particularly with hotel event logistics, you often run into communication barriers between the event and hotel staff. Let Pyramid Logistics handle the complicated load in, set up, and break down for you while you prepare to network and present. We offer security cages and containers to prevent product loss at the end of a show as well as emergency services and show floor representatives. 

Pyramid is here to make your conference experience as smooth and painless as possible. Discover more about our Hotel Event Logistics services

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Work with Pyramid Logistics

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Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are equipped to handle a full range of services near our facilities and all over the nation. As the industry continues to go digital, Pyramid Logistics remains at the forefront of warehousing. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, click here.