Pyramid Logistics Assists in Studio Warehousing for Fox Entertainment’s Next Level Chef Set

Updated April 11, 2022

Television production came roaring back after a prolonged absence due to COVID-19 safety concerns in 2020 and 2021. One of the major challenges for studio executives was the safe storage and transportation of Hollywood sets, as these studios are regularly broken down and reassembled seasonally. However, during the pandemic, studios needed a reliable studio warehousing and studio transportation partner to ensure the set’s pieces were properly protected, and our team at Pyramid Logistics showcased our experience.

One studio transportation case study we’d like to share is one with Fox Entertainment Group. The production company needed assistance with studio warehousing and delivering assets to the television set for its new show Next Level Chef.

In September of 2021, Pyramid Logistics took on a special studio warehousing and transportation project for Fox Entertainment Group. The team moved large pieces of steel structures on flatbed trucks from Pyramid Logistics’ Las Vegas studio warehouse to the filming location of Fox’s new show Next Level Chef. 

Pyramid Logistics demonstrated skill and precision in properly storing and carefully handling the high-priced goods. The project required strategic warehousing, transporting with customized vehicles, special equipment to transport the pieces, as well as an experienced staff to successfully complete the project.

The Pyramid Logistics team loaded over 15 closed and secured semi-trucks with steel frames and set walls that were a part of the television set. Fox trusted Pyramid Logistics to be its logistics partner, holding its studio assets in Pyramid’s Las Vegas studio warehouse until the next filming date.

Amid pandemic safety concerns, Pyramid Logistics ensured that they stored, transported, and delivered Fox Entertainment Group’s assets safely. Once Fox was ready to begin filming the television show, the Pyramid team assisted in the transportation and logistics of the steel-frame set at the Next Level Chef filming location and oversaw the project until completion.


Beyond studio warehousing and studio transportation, Pyramid Logistics offers logistics for trade show booth transportation, retail, and vehicle transportation. Our company prides itself on efficient and cost-effective solutions for its clients across all its services.

Our team develops customized solutions to transport everything from trade show displays to office facilities to studio sets.


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