Office Moving Checklist: Relocating With a Logistics Company

logistics company team loading office equipment into a truck with specialized equipmentIt’s been a rough year, and businesses are doing their best to stay open or reopen safely for employees. If you’re looking to make an office move, consider partnering with a logistics company. These companies have the equipment and vehicles to safely transport or store your goods.

While many employees continue to work from home, a hybrid solution or safe work environment are other solutions for those who want to slowly integrate back into a dedicated workspace.

With less staff in-house, your business must adjust and likely needs to scale down the current office space to either save money or acclimate your business to the new “normal.” Keep these questions in mind to assess the capabilities of a logistics company for office relocation.


Does the Logistics Company Work With Your Schedule?

Your time is valuable. When searching for a logistics company to facilitate your office move, ensure they can work with your timeline. Flexibility is important in this process as it may require you to work on weekends or tight schedules until the move is complete. Many logistics providers work weekdays only, so be wary of your schedule, their availability, and how long the process will take.


Does the Logistics Company Help With the Packing Process?

Manpower on your end may be in short supply due to safety. If you don’t have the staff to assist you to pack up office supplies or furniture, you’ll need a logistics company with workers who can help. It’s a good idea to have that service built-in so you can cover all of your bases. Invest in a team that can help you pack up, load, and, most importantly, unload your business’s assets from the old location into your new office space.

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Can They Safely Handle Fragile Items?

Your business’s assets should be handled delicately and with care. This is a critical quality that you should consider if your office space has fragile goods. Logistics companies often offer white glove service to their clients looking to ship or transport high-value items. Not only that, but they have special equipment that will assist in the transportation process. If this is a redeeming feature for your business, ensure that you partner with the right company for the move.


Can They Store Your Extra Assets?

If not all of your office space needs to be moved, you may need to store assets until they’re needed again. A moving company cannot guarantee storage, but a logistics provider can. A logistics company has warehousing capabilities that are helpful in the long-term. You get convenience and quality all in one – as long as they can accommodate you. Get all that you need out of your move by considering these factors for office relocation.

Pyramid Logistics recently facilitated the office relocation of ASICS America with a dedicated team, truck freight, and storage solutions. Check out images and information in the case study below.

Case Study: Pyramid Logistics Assists in Office Relocation of ASICS America


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