Oculus OC5

Have you tried on a pair of virtual reality glasses? It is totally awesome! Oculus is the leader in the industry. Oculus was purchased by Facebook in 2014. Oculus OC5 is the big event for the company to announce and promote their new line of products. It is the major marketing event for the company.
When they needed trade show transportation to San Jose for their 18 trailers of displays, booths, marketing materials, high tech equipment and more they turned to Pyramid Logistics.
“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke the news, saying the headset could run “Rift quality experiences.”
Quest is Oculus’ second standalone headset but, whereas this year’s Go only support three degrees of freedom (3DOF) movement, this utilizes full 6DOF tracking like the Oculus Rift. Facebook calls this system Oculus Insight. This is achieved using sensors mounted to the headset itself that can recognize a user’s location in the real world and then translate their movement into the virtual world. Two hand-controllers, similar in form to Oculus Touch, also bring you more control in the virtual world.” Upload
Oculus chairman, (according to Upload) in his keynote address to the conference made the following five significant announcements:
• Oculus Go is retaining users like Rift (their most successful product)
• Oculus Go sells more $250.00 units than $200 units
• Casting (the ability to project what you are experiencing to another person) will dramatically upgrade the Oculus Go experience
• Battery life will be the biggest priority in an updated Oculus Go
• Oculus wants to ‘Defy Distance’ (feel like you are sharing the room with someone as you watch television) with TV
Oculus had millions of dollars in products and displays that had to be to the show on time and in excellent condition. If you have High Value or Specialty Products that need to be shipped to a tradeshow, warehouse or other event let Pyramid Logistics be your first call and we will do our best to make it your last.