New Trends in Logistics Industry Caused By Automation and Offshoring

As the pandemic continues, the logistics industry is adapting to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Logistics companies have cut costs by minimizing staff and changing job roles to keep their businesses running during this time. As a result, automation and offshoring have become solutions to the issues and have created new trends for the logistics industry.

Personnel jobs with high income or senior level labor force are holding steady and are least affected because their occupations require the knowledge of a specialist. Unfortunately, manual labor workers were susceptible to the reductions.

Here are a few discernible trends emerging in the logistics industry:

Consolidating Management Roles

3PLs will aim to consolidate senior or high-paying management roles. In short, it means that general management or directors will take on more profit and loss responsibility in a larger, regional area or a few countries. Their duties will be extended to cover the management bandwidth laterally. 

PMET Roles Remain

Professionals, management, executives, and technicians roles are expected to stay in countries with higher wage structures. It is important to note that these roles may be scarce or limited to department heads that oversee responsibilities horizontally – which were duties previously assigned to director-level positions.

Offshoring Jobs in Operations

Jobs in operations are expected to be offshored to countries with lower labor costs and educated English-speaking workers. Dependent on the business, few operation-related roles may be kept to maintain a balance between cost reduction and maintaining client relationships. 

3PLs On-Board Clients Instead

Sales is a significant part of business growth. However, in order to cut costs and lessen the impact of salespeople who have been laid off that maintained client relationships, 3PLs may begin to on-board clients themselves. This is to eliminate the middleman and create a direct relationship with clients.


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