Boost Brand Awareness with ​​Pyramid Logistics Mobile Marketing Tours

Experiential marketing may have been killed off by COVID-19, but now it’s back in play. From in-person networking events to marketing activations, the business world is opening back up. And according to some sources, mobile marketing tours are the first step back into the world of experiential marketing. But what exactly are mobile marketing tours, and how can they further your business? 

As a player in the mobile marketing industry for the past 25 years, we at Pyramid Logistics haven’t just seen the benefits firsthand – we’ve delivered those benefits directly. Gain a better understanding of these benefits, and reach out to our offices for a quote on your mobile marketing tour.


How Your Business Will Benefit

When you think of other marketing channels such as social media and email, the word “passive” may come to mind. This is because every social post or email requires your target to read the content, have it resonate with them, and act on it. But generally, the bulk of your audience won’t get past the reading part. Enter mobile marketing tours.

The biggest benefit to experiential marketing tours is their flexibility. You’re not waiting around for leads or sales – you’re driving straight to them. Whether you’re setting up shop at a beach, a university campus, or a cliffside trailhead, your target audience can be reached directly. What’s more, mobile marketing is conveniently scalable. You may be bootstrapping with a pop-up tent or going all out with a vehicle – either way, you can adapt your budget accordingly.


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Mobile Marketing Tours: What’s Included

Thanks to our trucking assets and logistics expertise, the team at Pyramid Logistics is uniquely positioned to fulfill your marketing needs. From equipment to trucks, our mobile marketing tours are chock-full of features:

Equipment Acquisition

Confused about which truck to choose? Our specialists will help you choose the perfect vehicle for your mobile marketing tour.


Design & Fabrication

We host a network of reliable partners who specialize in designing trucks targeted to your business, turning your mobile dream into reality.


Graphics Production & Installation

Our trucks are able to display full-color graphics that truly stand out and speak to your target audience, with multiple stops throughout the U.S.


A Vetted Staff

Each of our team members harbor decades of experience in helping business owners boost their brand recognition through mobile marketing efforts.


Turnkey Logistics

As a premier logistics company across the country, our specialists will handle any and all details related to your mobile tour transportation – be it throughout the U.S. or worldwide.


Tour Staffing

Along with our trucking assets and logistics expertise, we can provide staffing to assist with your mobile marketing efforts.


Vehicle Maintenance

We’ll ensure your tour goes off without a hitch with our in-house staff of mechanics.


Cost-Effective Pricing

Whether you’re splurging or bootstrapping, we’ll devise a marketing plan that takes your business’s unique needs into account.

Boost Your Brand with
Mobile Marketing Tours

Mobile marketing tours present a cost-effective way to deliver an immersive experience directly to your target audience. And with our 25 years of experience in this space, you can trust that all will go according to plan. Request a quote today and partner with us for mobile demos, presentations, training, medical services, hospitality and retail promotions, command centers, or trade events.


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