Medical Equipment Transportation: Getting It Right the First Time

medical-equipment-transportationHospitals, clinics, and medical device manufacturers are aware of the caveats attached to medical equipment transportation. Their assets are high in value, typically fragile, and ultimately difficult to transport safely and securely – that is unless you have a specialty freight carrier to support your shipping efforts. 

Without the proper precautions, fragile medical assets could risk damage, delays, or regulatory noncompliance during shipping. This is where a logistics partner comes into play, one that’s privy to the unique packing, transportation, and regulatory requirements attached to medical deliveries. 

For the past 25 years, Pyramid Logistics has helped hospitals, clinics, and business owners sort out the confusing details of their medical equipment deliveries. We know that these shipments have unconventional needs, and have the resources to handle them. When you partner with us, you gain access to a team of medical shipping experts, climate-controlled trucks for heat-sensitive goods, regulatory compliance help, and much more. 

Find out how carriers like Pyramid Logistics ensure seamless medical equipment transportation and submit a form on our Contact page if your delicate devices require a white glove approach.

Medical Equipment Transportation: Core Considerations

Transporting medical devices and equipment is a sensitive effort since these assets are typically high in value and easily breakable. Knowing this, these deliveries require additional care and planning to avoid damage, delays, lost assets, or regulatory issues. For hospitals, clinics, and manufacturers that regularly ship medical assets, partnering with a qualified logistics provider isn’t just suggested – it’s essential. 

There are three core considerations that medical equipment carriers keep in mind to ensure a seamless delivery, starting with how your cargo is crated and packed.


Unique Packaging Needs

Medical equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, from MRI machines and CT scanners to delicate microscopes and more. Seeing as these are high-value assets with a degree of fragility, properly securing them for transport isn’t a one-size-fits-all effort. 

Depending on your items, you’ll need foam inserts, suspension packaging, and reinforced crates to keep delicate devices intact. Vibration and shock are also crucial considerations, which can be answered with sturdy anchors and tie-downs in trucks to reduce sway. Traditional shipping methods simply don’t offer these accommodations, highlighting the need for a specialty freight service if you’re transporting costly medical equipment. 

Another major facet is the size of your shipment. MRI machines are much larger than microscopes, for example, and may call for oversized shipping or other unique arrangements. Shipping with UPS won’t meet those needs – but a specialty freight carrier like Pyramid Logistics can. 

A trusted logistics partner can also help you navigate the caveats of certain regulations surrounding medical deliveries, which can quickly lead to delays if not planned out accordingly. 


Strict Regulations & Compliance

Transporting medical equipment or assets, especially pharmaceuticals and biological specimens, adds a layer of complexity to transportation. 

This is because pharmaceuticals are typically heat-sensitive, and must be kept at a certain temperature throughout the delivery process. A shipment for vaccines that exceeds approved temperature ranges during transit may be refused at its destination, for example. In response, carriers like Pyramid Logistics have climate-controlled trucks that can maintain proper temperatures depending on the cargo’s needs. 

However, the regulations don’t stop there. Medical equipment transportation poses certain documentation, chain of custody, and licensing needs that require flawless execution to avoid delays or fines. This is another example of why a specialty freight carrier is called for. Traditional shipping methods aren’t in tune with these unique needs, while teams like Pyramid Logistics are familiar with medical transportation regulations, compliance, and have the tools to handle those delicate shipments.


Choosing the Right Logistics Partner

With the high-value and delicate nature of your medical assets, evaluating potential logistics partners requires going beyond comparing rates alone. 

Along with specialized medical experience, you need a carrier with a spotless track record of deliveries, an understanding of medical protocols, and the resources necessary to transport your devices safely and securely. Ideally, your medical equipment transportation partner will offer:

  • Climate-controlled trucks
  • Specialized packing and crating
  • Contingency planning for delays
  • Sensor technologies to monitor shipments
  • Experience navigating medical regulations

These standards, alongside a glowing list of online reviews, will prevent the headache of jumping from carrier to carrier out of dissatisfaction. Vet your options carefully, and consider approaching Pyramid Logistics with your medical equipment transportation needs


Why Partner with Pyramid for Medical Equipment Transportation?

Sensitive medical equipment like MRI machines and CT scanners are high in value, and without an extra layer of care and handling, may see damage during transportation. For this reason, a white glove approach is called for – one that keeps your delicate assets safe and secure through a mix of specialty packing, heat-sensitive accommodations, and deep knowledge of medical regulations and protocols. 

By partnering with a medical equipment transportation provider, you can leverage this white glove approach and achieve logistical peace of mind. At Pyramid Logistics, we’ve helped countless businesses escape the stress of medical transportation for the last 25 years, supporting renowned brands including Canon Medical. You’ll gain the knowledge and resources necessary to get the job done right the first time – from packaging expertise and trucking accommodations to medical protocols and more. 

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.