Jeff Westenberger: 2019 Mayflower Logistics Van Operator of the Year


Behind every successful project we take on is a team of hard-working, dedicated truck drivers who travel all across the country to deliver our clients’ specialty items. Transportation is one of the most important aspects of our operations. From intricate trade show displays to famous movie cars, our drivers are responsible for transporting freight safely and on time. 

As an agent of Mayflower Transit, our team is able to bring clients the best quality operations with the latest transportation technology. Every year, Mayflower chooses truck drivers from each region of the country to be their Van Operator Of The Year. 


This year, our driver Jeff Westenberger was awarded Mayflower’s 2019 Logistics Van Operator Of The Year. 

We are so proud of Jeff for being recognized for his outstanding work over the years. He has consistently provided safe and efficient transportation for every project he acquires. 


Mayflower interviewed Jeff to learn more about his journey as a truck driver for Pyramid Logistics. 


Since beginning his long career as a truck driver, Jeff has driven everything from forklifts to dump trucks. 

Jeff Westenberger: “Driving trucks just runs in the family.” 


Jeff has been with us for almost nine years. Mayflower awarded him with this special recognition because of his unmatched customer service and high safety ratings. 

Jeff Westenberger: “To keep on top of safety, I do preventative maintenance on the trucks. At every stop, I make sure to look at the tires and ensure that there are no flats. You pretty much have to watch out for the other guys out there on the road. Respect the rules of the road.” 


Even after being in this industry for so long, Jeff continues to improve his work every day. 

Jeff Westenberger: “There’s a lot to learn, you learn every day out here. Every day is a new experience. If you don’t ask questions, you’ll never know the answer.” 



There have been countless projects Jeff has completed. He spends the majority of his time on the road meeting new people and seeing new places. 

Jeff Westenberger: “My most memorable delivery was when someone won a car off of the movie, Pixels. I had to go deliver it to him out in the country. I went to an implement dealer down the street from the delivery location. I had to back the truck down into their gravel dock area. I laid plywood down, unbolted the car from the truck and pulled it out to have it on a dock when he showed up. He was happy as heck, it was very cool to see.”   


When Mayflower told us that he had won the award, we knew we had to tell him in a creative way. 

Jeff Westenberger: “When I won Van Operator Of The Year, they tricked me! They said they had a problem and had to get me to St. Louis. I said, ‘What, why? What is the problem?’ They said, ‘Because you won Van Operator Of The Year.’

It was shocking, honestly. It’s been 8 years. Doing your job right, never late- be on time. Just keep running.” 


Jeff does phenomenal work for us and our clients. Congratulations, Jeff, and thank you for all that you do!


Every day, we are reminded of the importance of safe and effective transportation through the hard work of our own truck drivers like Jeff. Our team travels all around the country to help our clients transport and deliver their specialty items safely and in a timely manner. 


How can we help your business and transportation needs? We work with marketing teams and sales managers to ensure your goals are met.   

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