ITW “You Get My Drift” Sweepstakes

Turn Right to Go Left?

You’ve seen it before, maybe you didn’t know what it was called, but you’ve seen it.  Be it in recent television ads, an installment of the popular Fast and Furious film series, or executed by your favorite animated racecar, Lightening McQueen…you’ve seen the dramatic counter-steering driving technique commonly referred to as drifting. With the vehicle’s front wheels pointed one way and the steering wheel the other, the car appears to glide at an angle.  Since it rose to popularity in Japan, drifting has become a competitive sport all across the globe. Professional drivers compete to earn points on the basis of speed, technique and showmanship, among other factors.  The driving technique was further popularized with car enthusiasts by way of video games where players are able to practice the technique in the virtual world. And now you too can be a part of the action!

You Get My Drift

Illinois Tool Works, Inc. or ITW, manufacturer of Black Magic Brand, Gumout, and Rain-X products, presents the “You Get My Drift” Sweepstakes.  Entrants of the sweepstakes, which runs though July 30, 2015, vie for a chance to win a trip for two to the SEMA show in Las Vegas and a brand new custom Ford Mustang RTR.  The winner will be presented with the keys during the SEMA show by non other than 2010 Formula DRIFT champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr.!  Gittin, who is known for his superior drifting skills, also drives a Ford’s Mustang RTR.  In conjunction with the sweepstakes, and sponsorship of the Formula Drift Pro 2015 season, ITW has kicked off a tour at various racing events around the country through July 12, 2015.  The tour features the dramatic black Ford Mustang RTR and display elements featuring Vaughn Gittin, Jr., and other ITW sponsored drivers, as well as the range of ITW products.  The firm Global Experience Specialists has entrusted Pyramid Logistics with transporting and setting up the entire display, including the Mustang, at each stop along the tour.  With great care and precision, Pyramid Logistics transports the prized Mustang, backdrop and display elements, completes the set up before each event and then dismantles everything to do it all again for the next stop on the tour.  You can count on Pyramid Logistics to bring the excitement to you.