Important Questions To Ask Your Trade Show Transportation Company


Trade show booths and displays are an integral part of many organizations’ B2B sales efforts. Often costing thousands of dollars, these state-of-the-art displays have the potential to wow visitors and create brand recognition and recall to seal the deal when it comes time to close a sale. With so much riding on the safe transport of each and every part of your display, it’s no wonder businesses take their time when choosing the right company to do the job. 


Here are the most important questions you should be asking your trade show transportation company:




The truth is, there is a lot of value that comes with experience. When looking for a trade show transportation company, you never want to feel like the team you’re hiring is in over its head. Instead, you want the comfort of knowing that they’ve “been there,” and “done that.” 

The next time you’re trusting your trade show display with a logistics team, ask them how many years of experience they have and if they’ve ever shipped anything similar to what you’re asking of them. You’ll learn really quickly who the contenders are vs. the pretenders. 




The best logistics companies continue to innovate. Another important question to ask your next trade show transportation operator is what type of technological innovations they’ve currently got in place to ensure your precious cargo is handled and shipped exactly the way you want it to be. Warehouses who still rely on manual reporting and forecasting models may be prone to more human error. 


Issues like lost components and tardy deliveries can be a costly mistake when you’re only slotted for a few days at a trade show before needing to pack up again.  Timely, efficient, and damage-free shipping is best ensured when your warehousing partner continues to strive to improve upon its processes. 


Fair Pricing


The final question to ask if you’re looking for a trade show transportation company is how competitive they are with their pricing. If you’re seeing numbers that are completely undercutting the competition or are multiple times higher than the quotes you’ve heard from other potential partners, it should raise some red flags. 


Your rates should always be responsibly priced, giving you the feeling that you’re paying for a quality service without having to feel like you’ve got to look out for hidden costs around every corner. A reputable logistics and warehousing company will always be upfront with you regarding pricing, caring too much about their reputation not to treat your company as fairly as possible. 


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