How Trade Show Logistics Companies Can Streamline Your Event Shipping

trade-show-logistics-companiesTrade shows can be a significant catalyst to your business growth, but transporting your booth, display, and other materials can be a major undertaking. 

Rather than stressing over DIY logistics, clever business owners typically partner with trade show logistics companies to deliver their materials safely and securely. These providers, including Pyramid Logistics, offer secure warehousing, packing, transportation, and customs management services to relieve you of logistical duties and ensure a smooth, streamlined trade show experience. 

For the past 25 years, we’ve helped loads of companies start their trade show off on the right foot – and we’re here to do the same for you and your business. Find out how trade show logistics companies streamline event shipping and request a quote on our website if you need trade show support.


3 Benefits to Working with Trade Show Logistics Companies

Trade shows are crucial for both B2C and B2B businesses, offering powerful opportunities for owners like yourself to showcase your products, make connections, and ultimately boost your brand’s awareness. 

But before you attend, you have to transport your booth, display, and other trade show materials to the event – which is a project in and of itself. Trade show logistics can be daunting for business owners, highlighting the need for trade show logistics companies to streamline the process. Providers such as Pyramid Logistics have the warehouses, trucking assets, and shipping expertise required to ensure a smooth, stress-free trade show experience, nixing the confusion of DIY trade show logistics. 


Warehousing & Transportation 

Rather than worrying about transporting bulky, fragile trade show displays and products yourself, trade show logistics companies can offer complete warehousing and transportation services that start your trade show experience off on the right foot. 

Companies like Pyramid Logistics provide secure warehousing storage to secure your booth and materials before the event if needed. Then, when it’s time to set up for the show, we handle the packaging, storage, and hit the road. 

Thanks to experienced driving and shipping staff, trade show logistics companies know how to properly load, secure, and transport your delicate trade show materials safely and soundly. Without a logistics partner by your side, these resources are far more difficult to tap into.


Shipment Consolidation & Packing

Consolidating and packing displays, brochures, and product samples is a delicate effort – and going it alone can bring loads of stress. Trade show logistics companies take these duties off of your plate, absorbing that stress and letting you focus on your display and networking with other attendees. 

At Pyramid Logistics, our trade show experts are well-versed in shipment consolidation and packing strategies. This means your materials will be secure and protected throughout both warehousing and transportation when the risk for damage is at its highest. And if custom crates and pallets are required, those accommodations will be made. This helps to reduce costs and risk of damage while putting more time on your plate to focus on your exhibit and presentation.


Customs & Compliance Management

Navigating customs, taxes, duties, and regulations when shipping internationally for overseas trade shows is a complex effort, especially for business owners with little logistical experience. 

With the help of a trade show logistics company, you can ensure compliance with constantly changing rules and documentation requirements. The team at Pyramid Logistics handles all customs brokerage, forms processing, and more to smoothly get your trade show shipment through border clearances. On top of this support, our compliance experts are available to vet your cargo, confirm that it meets safety standards and that it’s properly declared. As a result, you avoid customs delays or penalties while relieving yourself of stress-inducing international logistics.


Streamline Your Event Shipping with Pyramid Logistics

Reliable warehousing, packing, transportation, and customs management are critical for a successful trade show experience. 

Don’t leave your booth shipment to chance – partner with Pyramid Logistics, a trade show logistics provider that’s helped countless companies streamline their trade show experiences for the past 25 years. Just recently, we attended Comic-Con 2023 and helped Blizzard Entertainment with the setup of their Diablo IV booth, viewable above.

Located in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, Pyramid Logistics is equipped to deliver warehousing and logistics services near our facilities and nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, request a consultation by filling out a form on our website.